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APPI Energy

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021



For the past 17 years, APPI Energy has proudly served AICC Associate members through their AICC-endorsed energy consulting program, a strategic partnership that has yielded significant savings for participating members. With over 23 years in business, APPI Energy has time and time again been one of the top independent energy consulting firms in the U.S. As an independent energy consulting firm, we pride ourselves in being unbiased, striving to help clients and AICC members to reduce and manage electricity and natural gas expenses through the procurement of competitive energy supply contracts. Decisions about when to buy and contract length are based on data, analytics, and expertise.

Our consultants pride themselves in crafting solutions that fit each client’s needs. We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach, and challenge ourselves to think outside the box, be innovative in our approach when it favors our clients, and to continue to push the envelope on crafting customized solutions that make sense. We have put in the hard work to build an extensive knowledge and expertise in the corrugated, folding carton, and rigid box industries, and continue to layer in our historical knowledge of the business interests of AICC members to make tailored recommendations.


As the trusted energy advisor for AICC, APPI Energy provides comprehensive solutions to reduce energy expenses and create budget certainty. Additionally, APPI Energy offers unbiased, apples to apples comparisons of supplier prices and contracts, evaluating AICC members’ energy-use history to negotiate favorable contracts with our stringently vetted suppliers. Moreover, our work for AICC members does not end when the contract is signed. APPI Energy continues to monitor the market for future opportunities, as well as provide on-going customer support.

APPI Energy takes a holistic approach to energy management going beyond procurement to assist clients with energy efficiency, demand reduction, and sustainability. We are product and technology agnostic, and the solutions we put forth are financially and functionally vetted to decrease energy costs, reduce demand, and improve resiliency and sustainability. We work with your organization to explore, identify and formulate powerful energy solutions, including LED lighting, solar PV, renewables, demand response, combined heat and power, energy conservation measures, and battery storage.


APPI Energy’s operations team gathers competitive pricing from our 36 vetted and approved supplier companies to present the best possible energy solutions for our clients so they can make informed and customized purchasing decisions. We maintain a proprietary database of more than 250 million records, enabling our consultants to compare historical and real-time prices in every deregulated energy market. APPI Energy’s customer service team will guide clients through every aspect of the procedure and throughout the lifetime of their contract. They assist with account adjustments, verify bill accuracy, evaluate government policies for financial incentives and reimbursements for clients, and even determine if a client qualifies for energy sales tax exemptions. We don’t disappear once the contract is signed, and remain truly committed to a lasting partnership that serves both your business, and the AICC as a whole.

To learn more about APPI Energy, visit or contact Carolyn Johnson, Senior Energy Consultant and dedicated consultant for AICC members at cjohnson@ or 443-614-4448. Carolyn brings over 20 years of industry expertise, with a strong knowledge base in the paper-based packaging industry.

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Senior Energy Consultant


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