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January 23, 2024

CorrBox Solution from Baumer hhs—A totally new approach to gluing and quality control of corrugated packaging

Sustainable packaging regulations, zero- defect production, rising cost pressure, the increasing shortage of skilled workers, and the instability of global supply chains—a number of challenges affecting the industry right now prompted the industry to rethink adhesive application and monitoring in corrugated packaging production. The result is the revolutionary CorrBox Solution system for flexo folder-gluers (FFG).

The CorrBox Solution is made up of the new PGD 1000 sensor with camera-like properties that set new standards in monitoring the gluing process. Previously, adhesives were mixed with additives that fluoresce under UV light to appear blue, yellow, or green. The purpose of the additives was to create contrast between the surface of the packaging and the glue beads so that cameras and sensors could detect the adhesive. In view of the wide variety of packaging surfaces—white, brown, printed—this task was always quite a challenge. The additives can make the adhesives up to 50% more expensive. The PGD 1000 sensor reliably detects adhesive on corrugated board without any fluorescing additives whatsoever, and it doesn’t matter if or how the surface of a substrate is printed.

Eliminating the need for fluorescing additives in the adhesives offers yet another advantage: Corrugated packaging producers can use a wider range of different adhesives. Having a flexible choice of adhesives is an advantage for the CorrBox Solution. In view of the dramatic impact that global supply chains can have, customers benefit even more from this kind of flexibility.

Similarly, Baumer hhs has set another milestone in the market with its new multi-application head for the CorrBox Solution. It is based on the innovative technology behind the Baumer hhs PX 1000 cold glue applicator, which is significantly more forgiving of viscosity fluctuations thanks to a new coil design that achieves a 42% higher closing force than previous offerings.

With its high closing force, even adhesives that have thickened after long idle periods can be reliably dispensed. The nozzles on the multi-application head can be lowered into an optional water bath that effectively prevents the nozzle tip from skinning over, even over extended periods, and greatly reduces any contamination or residue buildup. The PX 1000 multi-application head displays excellent startup behavior as a result and doubles run time due to reduced cleaning.

Another advantage is up to 60% reduction in glue consumption without any negative effect on bonding. Baumer hhs has made these significant savings possible by using an optimized stitching algorithm that works hand-in-hand with the speed of the PX 1000 application head. With this method, the continuous line of glue applied previously is divided into a series of short segments. It results in significant savings on adhesive and even increased adhesive strength. Additionally, reduced glue consumption reduces the plastic footprint of the packaging making it more sustainable.

The CorrBox Solution offers better KPIs, OEE, and a more sustainable future for corrugated packaging operations.

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