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Be Exponential

By Michael DAngelo

November 22, 2019

width=136I recently came across the above quote from Peter Diamandis, whom Fortune recently named as one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders.” His words immediately struck me as completely descriptive of what so many AICC members and their preceding generations have done. In each AICC member company’s DNA, there was a risk taken, a decision made, and certainly a future created. That is the telltale of the independent.

When I looked into Diamandis more, I discovered that he gave a keynote address at Singularity University’s 2019 Global Summit, where he identified 10 metatrends:

  1. Increasing global abundance.
  2. Accelerating demonetization and democratization.
  3. Everyone, everywhere connected at gigabit speeds.
  4. Everything, everywhere is connected.
  5. You can know anything, anytime, anywhere.
  6. Autonomous, personalized transport (fast and cheap).
  7. Increasing human intelligence.
  8. Increasing human longevity.
  9. Capital abundance: access to capital everywhere.
  10. Globally abundant cheap, renewable energy.

As an example of the truth behind point No. 5, I went to the internet to check the definition of metatrends. Within five seconds, I learned that a metatrend runs deeper, powering more specific trends, like a tidal force that drives waves to the shore.

While at the AICC Annual Meeting in September in Toronto, I was thinking how so much of the content there exemplifies how AICC and your businesses are constantly evolving along trends and creating them. Sometimes I think we are so close to our businesses, our customers, and our daily activities that we don’t recognize the role the paper-based packaging industry plays in the meta- and megatrends of things.

Whichever direction global trends may take us, AICC will continue to evolve to be indispensable to its membership. Diamandis points out that 40% of today’s Fortune 500 companies are predicted to disappear within 10 years. But the competition to these companies is not the large multinational, but rather the entrepreneur. Diamandis is referring, of course, to disruptors—Uber, Airbnb, Space X, Amazon, and the like.

I say that it is a matter of scale. Many exceptional companies in our industry change practices, create a new normal, redefine a market or product, and grow in the process.

Grow with AICC is Chair Jay Carman’s theme for the 2019–2020 year. He tells the story of his family’s business, StandFast Packaging Group, its participation in AICC, and its growth through the years. The StandFast story is not a lone volume in the AICC library. It is part of a collection of great stories that each relate a member’s journey and a member’s growth. What’s next?

Be exponential.







Michael D’Angelo

AICC President