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Commitment to Workers: Have You Signed the Pledge?

By AICC Staff

September 13, 2018

width=232In July, the Trump administration rolled out its “Pledge to American Workers.” In an editorial in The Wall Street Journal, Ivanka Trump outlined the president’s vision for educating and training a new generation of American workers—workers with the skill sets to meet the demands of our resurgent manufacturing economy. But it will take the participation and commitment of the manufacturing community to make it happen, and this is where you and your membership in AICC enter in. If you go to, you will find the “Pledge to American Workers,” which your company can complete and post. It tells your workers that you will do all you can to ensure an environment in which they can improve their skills, learn new ones, and in doing so, improve their standard of living.

The Trump administration’s “Pledge to American Workers” gives a high-profile nod to the importance of AICC’s role in providing industry education and training. AICC’s online education makes it possible to fulfill your pledge. We are indeed bolstered in our belief that the success of your company in the future is dependent now on your company’s commitment to ongoing training and skills development. And this commitment applies not just to your current workforce, but to those you hope to recruit in the future. To illustrate this, consider that a recent poll conducted by BridgeWorks, a generational leadership consulting firm, reveals that 93 percent of millennials consider ongoing skills development to be essential in the company they work for.

AICC Chair Al Hoodwin, in his valedictory column in this issue, ticks off the many milestones achieved in AICC’s education and training services accomplished this past year. We will continue to grow this vital and important member service. This is our pledge to all AICC members, just as you make your pledge to your American workers.




Steve Young

President, AICC