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Connecting Online

By AICC Staff

November 29, 2017

width=330More than 700 people came together in September for the AICC Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, and while being able to look someone in the eye and shake their hand is ideal, it can’t always happen. Now you have the opportunity to message other members online and post your thoughts, ideas, and questions. But you don’t have to leave your office to connect with other members.

Connect and Message a Fellow Member

Using the private member directory, search for the person’s name. Click on the profile, click “Connect” to invite them to your Connections, or “Message” to send them a note through the AICC website. They will get an email notifying them of the message or connection request.

Share Your Thoughts and News on Your Feed

On “My Feed,” fill in “What’s going on today?” with your thoughts, articles, ideas, and questions for your connections. Then click “Post.”

Ask Questions

Click “Quick Links,” then “Communities.” Click on the ones that are most appropriate for your question, then you can review questions and answers already posted or click “New Topic” to post a new question.