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January 23, 2024

SyncMaster AI™, Closing the Loop and Eliminating Guess Work

CoparSolutions is an innovator and global leader of wet-end corrugator control systems. With their advanced knowledge, technology, and understanding of corrugator operations around the world, they engineer innovative solutions to meet the current and future corrugator needs.

Their newest innovation, SyncMaster AI™, combines many products with their latest automated process control system to form a solution that minimizes, if not eliminates, operator intervention during the corrugating process.

Automated Perfection— Removing the Guess Work

Corrugator process control has long been “Open Loop” or in many cases “Best Guess” process control.

SyncMaster AI closed loop process control eliminates “guess work” and operator error. With the industry experiencing record personnel turnover rates, it’s difficult to maintain a properly trained crew. Until operators realize there is a problem, a significant amount of waste can be produced. Often to correct the situation they make it worse. They can be slow to correct, or they overcorrect, causing a greater issue or worse, a new one.

The system continually monitors data inputs throughout the machine. Finite adjustments are automatically made as necessary to maintain the target setpoints. When the closed loop SyncMaster AI system detects warped product, it instantly corrects the issue and applies offsets to upstream process variables. Then, the system ensures the recipe database is corrected by saving the new setpoints automatically.

Automatic Speed Control

Corrugator speed changes can have adverse effects on the quality of the board. Temperatures, starch application, wrap arms, and web tension all must be adjusted simultaneously and matched to the machine speed to maintain board quality. This is virtually impossible to perform manually.

SyncMaster AI’s automatic line speed compensation maintains all these parameters throughout the speed change or anytime the machine outruns the wrap arms or starch gaps. When cold or high-moisture rolls are loaded, the system anticipates temperature offsets and applies them the moment a roll is spliced in. The result, consistent board quality throughout the run!

Security Redefined

CoparSolutions understands the risks associated with shared passwords and prying eyes. That’s why SyncMaster AI incorporates 3D Face Recognition Software to ensure only authorized personnel can modify configuration parameters, perform machine calibrations, or adjust process variables. Grade-dependent machine variables are in safe hands, with temperature and starch settings accessible only to qualified employees.

Stay in the Loop with Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

CoparSolution’s Scoreboard features a 75″ high-definition display that relays crucial messages, including machine speed adjustments, cause of stops, and automatic adjustments made by SyncMaster AI. It’s all just a glance away.

Unlike others, the SyncMaster Scoreboard doesn’t just display what’s happening—it tells you why. No need to guess, it’s all right there on the big screen.

The system maintains open communication between the operators, supervisors, and the Copar corrugator experts with instant texts and email alerts for critical information. Emails can also be manually sent directly to CoparSolutions’ tech center for immediate attention and fast answers from any operator station.

Break or set a new production record and SyncMaster’s Scoreboard automatically displays your morale boosting achievement for everyone to see!

Each operator station also features “Fast Quotes” for quick quotes for replacement components. The operators or supervisors simply select the components they need and request a quote, right from the operation station.

To learn more about CoparSolutions’ products, services, and leading-edge technology, visit or call 708-496-1859.

Jim Burrows