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Domtar Packaging

By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022


Domtar is excited to enter the packaging market to produce a full line of recycled linerboard and corrugated medium products. With 12 pulp and paper mills and more than 6,400 employees worldwide, we’re the largest uncoated freesheet paper manufacturer in North America; and a leading producer of fluff and specialty pulp as well as innovative airlaid nonwovens.

Domtar’s first packaging mill, located in Kingsport, Tennessee, is currently undergoing a $350 million transformation. When it’s complete by the end of 2022, the world-class facility will house the second-largest recycled containerboard machine in North America.

Most other packaging suppliers have their own box plants. Sometimes it can be hard for an independent converter to partner with someone they also compete with. That’s why Domtar has intentionally chosen not to own or operate box plants. Instead, we’ll focus on our customers’ success and never be put in the position of deciding whether to prioritize our own needs over our customers’.

“We’ll produce a full portfolio of 100 percent recycled containerboard,” Domtar Packaging Sales & Marketing Director Mike Butler says. “Our products will be unique and exclusive to the independents. Our proprietary technologies will give our customers products necessary for light-weighting and right sizing, coupled with strength characteristics not seen in today’s recycled product offerings. Most importantly, Domtar’s hallmark is its focus on quality and service. We are redefining integration. Our independent customers are our integration.”

“We’re very excited to help our independent converting customers meet end users’ demand for more sustainable packaging options,” Domtar Packaging Senior Vice President Steve Henry says. “Collaborating with our customers while supporting the circular economy is a key strategic focus that gives us a great sense of pride.”

By using old corrugated containers, we will upcycle fiber otherwise destined for the landfill to produce our 100 percent recycled packaging products. In fact, the amount of OCC we will collect and reuse annually could fill the Empire State Building nearly 1.4 times!

“Even though our doors aren’t open quite yet, our goals are clear,” Butler says. “We will provide high quality recycled linerboard and medium while offering the industry a new way of doing business that truly partners with the independent corrugators, while also

doing our part to ensure a long and sustainable future.”


The Domtar packaging mill in Kingsport, Tennessee, is expected to be in production by Q4 of 2022. In the meantime, we’re meeting with potential customers to discuss their needs. Independent corrugators looking for a new way to partner should contact Domtar via email at


Steve Henry

Domtar Packaging Senior Vice President




Mike Butler

Domtar Packaging Sales & Marketing Director


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