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Embracing Change, Investing in Your Association

By Joe Morelli

August 25, 2020

Change is difficult. Even changes for the good can take people out of their comfort zone and push limits that may not have been pushed in the past. At Huston Patterson, we’ve seen change—time and time again over the past 100-plus years. Although it can be tough, we enjoy it. We embrace it, and it is one of the reasons we continue to grow each year.

AICC facilitates positive change. Whether it’s through weekly updates during this uncertain time or through their expansive library of training offerings, AICC is a platform for all of us, as general or Associate Members, to engage in bettering our companies. CEO groups, advisory groups, seminars, webinars, and Emerging Leader groups are all programs that over the years have helped companies adapt to the current industry climate and assist in propelling companies into the future.

When I look around the room at AICC events, I see numerous examples of companies who have invested in change. Out went old logos, the conservative marketing approaches, and focus on outdated services and technology. In came new, modern looks, aggressive marketing approaches, and in many cases, incredible investments into the corrugated packaging industry with new equipment and tools never seen in the industry before. Many of these companies were extremely successful before their changes, and many company leaders admit that a lot of people questioned their reasoning for change. But it is these same companies that are now seeing exponential growth.

Bay Cities, for example, has seen growth of 81% since joining AICC. Michigan City Paper Box has seen an increase of 88%. SMC Packaging is up a staggering 122%. In our case, since joining AICC, Huston Patterson is up 77%. There are dozens of these examples proudly displayed on buttons and posters around AICC national meetings, but what strikes me is that these same companies are often the most engaged in AICC programming.

AICC’s mission statement is simple: When you invest and engage, AICC delivers success.

Change can be difficult to accept, and it can be even harder to attack. But for many of our companies, it will continue to be a foundation of our success. Change can be a good thing. By embracing it and investing and engaging in the resources AICC provides, we all can change for the better during these uncertain times.

Joe Morelli is vice president of sales and marketing for Huston Patterson Printers and is vice chairman of AICC’s Associate board.