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eProductivity Software (ePS)

By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023


eProductivity Software (ePS) is a global company with vast experience in the corrugated industry and roots going back to the early 1980s with Corrugated Technologies Inc (CTI). ePS has developed a rich portfolio of corrugated software solutions over the years, partly due to acquisitions but fundamentally driven by the desire to create best-of-breed industry-specific solutions. The corrugated team at ePS is made up of individuals with experience in the corrugated and packaging markets; this gives ePS a holistic view of the systems required, as many of the team were users of solutions when working in the industry.

As organizations look to scale for growth, modernize their operations, and diversify their service offerings, ePS is a trusted technology partner supporting customers at every step. Our portfolio is designed to help corrugated businesses to meet their short and long-term goals, such as improving profitability, developing new revenue streams, and accelerating growth and expansion.

ePS solutions are designed to operate as standalone applications or as a part of a broader suite of products. Comprehensive suites are designed to meet the needs of businesses of various sizes and specializations, helping them realize the benefits of a modern integrated system with centralized functionality, reporting, and easy plug-and-play expansion. ePS offers industry-enabling point solutions that fully integrate with the native or generic MIS/ERP systems to help companies address specific workflow gaps or accelerate growth opportunities.

Solutions for Corrugated

  • Corrugated Suite (CorrSuite) is a fully integrated, scalable, flexible, browser-based end-to-end business and production management portfolio of solutions built specifically for the corrugated industry. It has been purposely developed to accommodate all plant configurations and build a resilient foundation that can adapt and grow as business needs evolve. Its extensive portfolio offers a robust tool set of Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) solutions that help optimize efficiency and performance while reducing waste.
  • Escada® is a “closed loop” corrugator control system that offers highly sophisticated functionality for efficient wet and dry-end machine control, bringing a new lease on life to aging corrugators and helping manufacturers run their corrugators at the fastest speeds possible while increasing board quality without the high-dollar investment needed for new machinery.

From order acquisition to intelligent job estimating and planning, dynamic scheduling, real-time shop floor data collection, and shipping, these innovative solutions transform how businesses interact with customers, acquire orders, manage production, track jobs, ship products, and analyze profitability.

ePS solutions help businesses:

  • Improve the accuracy of cost estimating and post-production cost analysis
  • Improve machine utilization and productivity
  • Increase capacity through the reduction of set-up times
  • Reduce capital tied up in WIP
  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Identify where to focus maintenance and improvement efforts
  • Create new revenue streams

ePS customers report that they have achieved increases of up to 30% in converting productivity because of the following:

  • Less idle time on machines
  • Decreased number of expedited inserts into schedules
  • Reduction of errors in order quantities reaching the production floor
  • Better control of order quantities
  • Consistent scheduling of jobs to take advantage of set-up efficiencies
  • Real-time feedback to crews and their supervisors

At ePS, we recognize the critical role that corrugated plays in the future of the sustainable packaging supply chain, which is why we’re continually investing in developing our technology and people to empower customers so that they meet the growing demands that

are placed on them.

Davo Laninga is the Corrugated Product Specialist at eProductivity Software, with 38 years of experience in Print, Packaging, and Corrugated workflows. Working closely with

customers to focus on increasing their productivity and streamlining their business. Davo can be reached at 623-776-5031.


Davo Laninga

Corrugated Product Specialist, eProductivity Software


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