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Events, Anyone?

By AICC Staff

May 24, 2021

width=598Industry response to the launch of the Foundation for Packaging Education has been solid and gratifying. Pledges are coming in at a regular pace, donation dollars are being received, the mission is set, and we stand on the threshold of AICC’s Million Dollar Match.

Sights now turn to fundraising next steps. Fundraising next steps? Aren’t donations and the pledges behind them fundraising? The answer is yes, of course. But fundraising for the foundation goes beyond pledges. The board of directors envisions events that can not only bring attention to the foundation’s mission, assuring training and education programs continue to be in place for the industry’s existing workforce, but also to supplement the pledges being received.

The foundation’s board is eager to hear ideas from you, the members of AICC, as to what events could be interesting enough for your participation going forward.

Golf is an obvious one, as this is an industry that enjoys time on the links. The Foundation for Packaging Education is one of the two worthy causes (the other is Driving Out Darkness) that received monies from the 7th Annual Independents Cup Golf Tournament, contested during the AICC Spring Meeting in Amelia Island, Florida.

We are an association that likes to get together. This has probably never been truer than now, coming out of the pandemic and the associated limitations, lockdowns, and quarantines. Members enjoy being with each other and have been away from doing so for some time.

What are your thoughts regarding fundraising events? A particular city or region that makes sense? A certain time of year? A sporting event or recreational venue that can be a drawing card? Something that you would like to share with your friends and colleagues in the industry? Should a foundation event always be tied to an AICC event, or should it be something that stands alone?

We know that AICC members are extremely generous. The latest example of this has been your response and support of one another during the uncertainties and challenges raised by the pandemic. Your generosity toward the foundation, introduced only last November, is off to an auspicious start.

Please be just as generous with your ideas on some next steps for the foundation. Send your suggestions to Michael D’Angelo at We will keep you advised in these pages where your sense of fun is taking us!