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Flint Group Paper & Board

By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022

When we look back at the history of packaging, sustainability is one of the landmark changes that has shifted not only how packaging is designed, developed and produced—but how it interacts with consumer needs and the world around us. What started as a ripple of change has become a tidal wave, and the drive for packaging to be “greener” is now front and center for brands, printers and consumers alike.

The statistics certainly back this up. A recent study by McKinsey & Company ( found that 60 to 70 percent of consumers in the United States would be willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. Fifty-two percent of consumers said they would buy more sustainably packaged products if they did not cost more. The study also found that “consumers are more or less equally interested in recyclable and recycled plastic packaging and in fiber-based packaging.”

What this data tells us is that when the consumer is faced with two comparable like-for-like products, but one is perceived to have more sustainable packaging, they are more likely to choose the greener option. Should the two products be pitched at a similar price point, the advantage becomes even more pronounced. As sustainability is now playing a key part in purchase decisions, it becomes core to long-term brand strategy and commercial success.

Sustainability through the lens of an ink maker.

At Flint Group, our customers rely on our expertise to deliver more environmentally oriented solutions, without compromising on the performance and quality that’s essential to ensuring packaging retains its functionality along with brand integrity. We understand that talking a good game of sustainability is nothing if we can’t back it up with action and strategy that creates a better world.

For our team, that means developing a portfolio of products that is ethically managed, reduces overall ecological impact, is designed and built responsibly and supports the need for circularity, as the closed loop economy becomes the norm, not the exception.

Helping to ‘close the loop.’

Flint Group Paper & Board understands that not all brands and printers have the same sustainability objectives when selecting their inks and coatings. Therefore, we have developed a range of products to ensure we meet a wide variety of customer needs.

Introducing TerraCode

Responding to the specific needs of the paper and board packaging industry to deliver solutions for improved sustainability, packaging innovation and on-shelf presentation, as well as e-commerce supply chain robustness, Flint Group offers a range of water-based inks and coatings under the TerraCode brand; a dynamic bio-renewable product offering that can be tailor-made for converters’ individual printing needs.

Sustainable Sourcing of Feedstocks

An important consideration during TerraCode’s development program has been the sourcing of carefully selected feedstocks. Ethical debates have occurred globally related to crops, normally used for food production, being diverted to industrial applications. The United Nations estimates that nearly 1 billion people globally are suffering food shortages. At Flint Group, we are acutely aware of the importance of ethical sourcing.

Flint Group believes a sustainable source is equally as important as the renewable content of a product. Therefore, we have extended our strict raw material review policy to include renewable source information.

The Technology

Ensuring tailored solutions for specific printer converter and brand owner needs, Flint Group’s development teams have created three product series:

TerraCode Bio is designed with the highest level of bio-renewable content. Greater than 90% of the resin system is made from renewable resources. TerraCode Bio provides excellent print quality and press stability.

TerraCode Hybrid is a combination of renewable and conventional raw materials where a typical formulation contains in excess of 50% renewable resin content. The formulation has been balanced with highly effective synthetic ingredients for applications that require the maximum performance and protection.

TerraCode Balance is built on biomass balance technology and offers the same performance as conventional acrylic systems.

The TerraCode range has been designed

to support a wide variety of Paper &

Board packaging applications that are bio-

renewable content (BRC) certified through NAPIM and sustainably sourced. The range is available print-ready or via a convenient Flint Group building block package.

Please contact us to discuss how we can work with you to build a more sustainable tomorrow.

Deanna Klemesrud

Global Marketing Director – Packaging Inks