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Free AICC Courses to Develop Your Workforce

By AICC Staff

March 12, 2020

width=197After you have gone through the time, effort, and expense to find the right employee, you want to keep that person for as long as you can. To get them off to a strong start, you need to properly onboard all new employees. You know how to give them the explanation about what your company is, what you stand for, where you came from, and where you are going, but what about the training and resources they have available to them?

AICC offers The Internal Staff Development Guide, as a free online course. This guide is a tool for onboarding and ongoing professional development. The course provides human resources and key training people with resources to help effectively train new employees and make sure an employee understands the requirements and expectations of the company. Since the information at times can be company-specific, the user downloads the documents and works to complete the information as it relates to the company and the company’s rules and expectations. Questions such as who to contact for quotes, dock times, and quality are all key components within every manufacturing company. This course helps both the company and its employees establish guidelines (if not already developed) and reaffirm current rules and processes for effective work performance. Learn more at

The Welcome on Board Guide is a tool, template, and starting point for developing a company-specific process in training new employees. This guide is divided into four main sections—Onboarding and Orientation, Process of Implementation, Roles and Process Owners, and Phases and Key Activities—and includes sample checklists, communication plans, manager tools, and a resource guide for employees. These documents are provided in both hard copy and electronic format to allow you to incorporate company-specific wording. Learn more at

One more resource available to all AICC members is the professional staff at AICC. Taryn Pyle, director of education and training, can help you set up a training plan for your new employees based on your needs. Contact her at or 703-535-1391. And make sure you contact AICC at with your employee’s name, title, email, and address to help you get your new employee signed up to access the free online education they can use to grow and better serve your plant!

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