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J.M. Fry Printing Inks

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=397J.M. Fry Printing Inks’ story began in 1936 when founded by entrepreneur Justin M. Fry. After more than eighty years of innovation and passion our performance driven products are engineered for the “Here, Now and Tomorrow.”

This has never been more evident than today with the introduction of our new FryFlex 2.0 product lines. FryFlex 2.0 is specifically engineered to respond to the rigorous demands of high speed converting with:

  • Superior Coverage on today’s lightweight and recycled liners as well as inside print.
  • pH Stable for consistent performance and color consistency.
  • Low Viscosity for “Pump and Go” run-ability.
  • Easy wash-up for fast and effective make-readies.


At J.M. Fry we know no limits in supporting our customers’ success. Whether the needs are for low maintenance performance products, qualified remote and on-site technical support, choices in advanced technologies in color management and dispense options we have the people and skill sets necessary to support our clients’ success.


Subject: Meeting

Hugh and Mike.


Just a note to say thank you for today’s training. I received several comments this afternoon about the great info presented. Hugh you did a great job. I also want to say what a great job J.M. Fry does for our facility. That is not luck. You have a valuable team and culture. On my end…. it is my desire to be your best customer.

Safe travels.

Jim Moncure

Vice President of Sales