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Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems

By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022


The demands of the global wide format, sign & display and packaging markets continue to grow.

Manufacturers and converters are under increasing pressure to produce faster, safer and more efficiently—without any restrictions that limit the imagination. At Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems, we fuse technology and creativity to deliver the most robust and reliable digital cutting solutions.

Our latest innovations enable businesses to not only meet their own operational needs but also those of their customers, with new cutting tools and solutions that can enhance efficiency, productivity, quality and creativity.

The Kongsberg C Series – the new dimension for digital finishing

“The Kongsberg C series is a digital finishing solution that fits today’s production requirements without compromising on size, versatility or quality,” said Stuart Fox, President of Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems. “It is the first multifunction super-wide digital finisher for signage, display, and packaging applications.”

Built for the highest level of performance and redefining the possibilities of digital finishing, the Kongsberg C offers speeds of 100 m/min (66 in/sec) and acceleration up to 1.7G, with quick and precise tool movements, making high quality digital production possible, even under the tightest of deadlines.

“The Kongsberg C table uses aerospace technology that combines an aluminium composite tabletop, a rack & pinion drive system and dynamic table mapping to deliver optimum performance through state-of-the-art engineering,” he said. “This combination of features ensures that the table provides the greatest cutting accuracy and consistency.”

The Kongsberg C60, C64 and C66 tables have a carbon composite traverse, which makes it possible to combine speed with quality, even while spanning 3.2 meters. The extreme rigidity of the carbon traverse also enables high speeds, accuracy and a heavy payload, even when working on the most demanding materials.

Boost productivity with full automation

A complete pallet-to-pallet solution, the Kongsberg automated Feeder and Stacker enables users to significantly increase productivity. “With its stack height and quick automatic load cycles, it is the optimal solution for short run production on all typical packaging and display materials and can easily cope with a variety of materials,” explained Stuart.

“The underside camera scans each sheet from below on the print side, automatically locating the registration marks, barcodes and the corner of the sheet. This eliminates manual handling, saving the operator as much as 30 minutes on each set up and boosting productivity without compromising on quality.

“Multi-Zone production also allows two sheets to be loaded simultaneously, maximizing production capacity on the Kongsberg table, without the need for costly additions for automation.”

Discover how you can boost your business with the Kongsberg C series, the Kongsberg Feeder & Stacker and the entire range of digital finishing solutions from Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems. Visit


Heather Roden

Sales Director North America, Kongsberg PCS


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