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Marijuana in the Work Place

July 5, 2022

States continue to expand the employment-related rights of individuals who use marijuana. Additionally, OSHA announced in its 2020 regulatory agenda that it will address workplace testing. With laws that decriminalize or legalize marijuana, prohibit related inquiries of applicants for employment, and testing of employees, it is becoming harder for employers to ensure workplace safety, productivity, and administer related programs. In this webinar, we will review: – How employers can balance federal law that still classifies marijuana as an illegal substance and state and local jurisdictions that permit its use for various reasons or in varying amounts – When an employer may take adverse action against an applicant or employee who tests positive for substance use – How an employer may conduct substance testing – What duty, if any, does an employee have to inform an employer of the use of prescribed or otherwise legal drugs – OSHA’s regulatory agenda

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