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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021


The ongoing and substantial investments in advanced customer support by the Corrugating Machinery Division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America (MHIA) continue to reap rich dividends for the North American customers of our premium line of EVOL Machines, enabling them to optimize and maximize the productivity, operations, and efficiencies.

While in-plant and in-person support will always be crucial, leveraging interactive technology programs is growing in importance; lessons learned and relearned amidst the COVID-19 response, during which travel to and multi-day visits with many independent box plants was impractical.

Although launched well before the stresses of COVID-19, MHIA’s exclusive Computer Based 3D Training Program (EVOL CBT) proved to be invaluable in keeping EVOL customers’ machines performing at high levels. Designed to assist machine operators in learning and implementing best practices, the subscription program’s advanced instruction, interactive Q&A, and testing protocols.

The program is composed of six discrete modules to help operators achieve maximum production efficiencies: EVOL Daily and Weekly Cleaning, EVOL Safety and Unit Descriptions, EVOL Preventive Maintenance, EVOL Unit Control – Pushbuttons, EVOL FE and CE Touchpanels, and EVOL Basic Calibrations.

We developed the new program at the request of current customers who were challenged with bringing new equipment operators up-to-speed in today’s competitive work environment, where customers are seeing a high level of personnel turnover. It has also served as a useful “refresher” course for current operators who are tasked with the operational and proactive maintenance procedures required to keep the boxes kicking at high output in our high-volume, low-margin industry.

Customer feedback, and EVOL CBT is currently in productive use at more than 60 plants across North America, is that the learning is not confined to the machine operators — facility heads and upper management are also partaking of the courses, gaining better insight in how to keep our machines in profitable operation.

Even as some travel restrictions have been lifted — and I’ve been so pleased to start seeing customers again face-to-face and work with them on optimizing their EVOLs — we’ve been receiving a great amount of productive feedback on how to expand on our current six CBT modules, ensuring that we can take advantage of their insight and learnings to provide even greater instruction in the classroom.

Levi Colvin started at his first box plant in 2003. He worked his way up from machine operator and lead operator to superintendent and plant manager for box manufacturers across the United States. With MHIA for the past six years, he brings a wealth of experience to every EVOL customer, leveraging this unique amalgam of mechanical, electrical, operational, and management expertise.

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Senior Field Service Engineer

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