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Orora Visual

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021









width=438We are a graphic sheets provider to the corrugated packaging and display markets. Our focus is on litho-labels and top sheets. We do this through a best in class national footprint using standard approved materials and processes. Orora Visual has invested heavily in training, equipment and technology to ensure our quality standards are maintained. We are G7 Master certified and can print sizes up to 60 x 81 at all locations. These advantages allow Orora Visual to deliver consistent, very high-quality products without limitations of size, colors or coatings. We believe our ability to produce our products from New Jersey, Chicago and Los Angeles provides a great deal of value to many of our clients.

Give us a try and let us show you the Orora Visual advantage.

width=115David Nolte

Senior Vice President of Packaging Sales




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