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Philipp Lithographing

By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022


The challenges facing the packaging and point-of-purchase industry today are unprecedented and real. Demand is up, supply is down, and many are left spinning their wheels on how to service their customers in the face of a paper market that is struggling to keep up. While these industry challenges may have come as a surprise, Philipp Litho, leader in large format offset printing, is prepared. Because of our long-term vision, strategic planning, and commitment to quality and innovation, we are perfectly situated to grow with you. When you and your customers ask about our business, this is how we answer:

Do You Have …


Yes! We have paper, tons

of it! Although lead-times

are longer for large orders and board stock, we have

an abundance of litho

label stock in dedicated

warehouses to fulfill your orders.


Yes! We have added a third shift and installed a brand new KBA 64 press that prints 6 colors + coating at 15,000 sheets/hour!

Inline UV?

Yes! Our 81 and 64 presses have inline UV capabilities! Ask us about printing on foil and special coating effects.


Yes! We have a high-tech digital facility with a high-speed, HP Scitex 11000 digital press—perfect for printing direct to corrugated—and a Zünd dual beam CAD table.

High Quality?

Yes! Quality is key at Philipp. We have one of the most experienced teams of pressmen and state-of-the-art pressroom equipment with high-tech quality control features.

Quick Turn Options?

Yes! Philipp Litho is the Insty-Prints of large format printing! On average, our four presses run 15,000 sheets/hour … that’s fast!

At Philipp every customer, every job, and every project is met with the utmost professionalism, integrity, speed, and focus on quality. We urge you to stop spinning your wheels and trust Philipp. You won’t be disappointed!


Stacy Buening