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Poteet Printing Systems, LLC

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=294Started in 1998 by Roger Poteet, Poteet Printing Systems has grown into an ink company respected in the paper packaging industry for expert customer service, ink quality, and quick order turnaround. It has carved out a distinct niche in the United States corrugated market as a water-based ink supplier.

Poteet Printing Systems is a bright success and Roger Poteet knew a plan for the longevity of the company was required to sustain employees and customers. After many conversations and diligent research, Poteet agreed to partner with Flint Group Packaging Inks in 2020.

This acquisition has allowed Poteet Printing Systems to establish long-term business continuity for his team and customers. Additionally, this brings more resources to Poteet Printing Systems such as new product options, material sourcing, improved shipping reach to customers, and all while maintaining the “Poteet touch” that customers value.

This expanded tool box of resources will allow Poteet Printing Systems to serve customers better than ever!

“Our combined customer focus, products, and excellent technical knowledge, along with the infrastructure of Flint Group Packaging Inks, will benefit our current clients and enable us to grow our business with new customers,” said Roger Poteet.

Fear not! Poteet Printing Systems is still the ink company that printing and packaging customers have been loyal to for 23 years. “Our key priorities are to maintain and enhance the quality of our materials, manufacturing processes, and high levels of customer service,” said Roger Poteet.

Looking to the future, Poteet is excited for the new tools and technologies they will be rolling out next year for their packaging customers in collaboration with Flint Group Packaging Inks.


In addition to the new partnership, Poteet Printing Systems has continued to innovate. One such new product is Select High Opacity White Ink – their highest opacity white yet. This white is excellent on kraft board for fine-printed areas and a white that stands out. Colors printed on this white “pop” for an eye-catching graphic.

A new High Opacity Cascade White was also created for the wax cascade produce market. Customers are very pleased with this intense and cost-efficient white!


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