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Quantum Ink Company

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021


We hear the term “business partnership” thrown around a lot in the modern workplace. It’s a term that is very loosely used, and more times than not, is simply said in order to make a sales pitch sound better. Far too often, this partnership lacks substance, and is little more than smoke and mirrors that doesn’t include the necessary action. True partnerships should benefit both parties and create a situation where everyone has the chance for success.

As with most manufacturing sectors, sales and production are the driving factors for any company. Many times, these two sectors can have differing ideologies that can conflict with one another. At Quantum Ink, we strive to bridge the gap between these two departments to ensure our customers are satisfied. By unifying the vision of sales and production, we’ve found we can ensure our customers are satisfied with the packaging solution they have chosen.

The technical sales staff at Quantum Ink are well versed with the knowledge and understanding necessary to assist printers to achieve the best overall product possible. Many factors must be considered in order to get the best end product possible. What separates Quantum Ink from its competitors is the ability to “Ink Differently.” From our position as a supplier, it’s our goal to maintain a true business partnership with our customers, while at the same time, providing service that is totally unique to Quantum Ink. We strive to connect the dots by taking the end requirements of our customers, then ensuring our production and sales approach are tailored to have the greatest possibility of success. Here at Quantum Ink, we truly care about our customer’s needs, and we’d love an opportunity to show your company firsthand what our team is all about.

width=157Ben Quinton

National Accounts Manager