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By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023

The New Era of Corrugated

What’s Going On?

You may have inexperienced press operators, possibly some new technology thrown in the mix, and orders continue to come through the door. At the same time, quality is something that cannot fall through the cracks.

“I don’t want my people having to be chemists on press.” — Plant Managers Everywhere

At Quantum Ink, we don’t expect press operators to be experts in chemistry and take the steps to ensure inks arrive ready for use. Each ink is custom formulated for individual press needs and specifications. The flexibility and experience of our technical service is something you need in your back pocket. With experienced operators retiring and new operators being introduced to printing, Quantum Ink is prepared to assist in the necessary ink education needed to make your team successful.

What’s Quantum Ink Got to Do With It?

For over 25 years, Quantum has been supplying quality products to the corrugated industry. We understand the concerns that come with new personnel, changing technology, and the unlimited other variables that affect the pressroom. The dedicated employees of Quantum share the important task of making sure customers are educated and given solutions to meet their needs.

Our service technicians often experience that “aha” moment when educating others in the industry on ink maintenance, whether it be in the classroom setting or during a press side conversation.

The Solution

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out exactly what it is that your operation needs, and having a partner like Quantum Ink Company could be the answer. Quantum prefers to get familiar with your operation and team, see what’s going on, then make recommendations on what would benefit your operation the most.

When you order from Quantum Ink, you’re receiving a quality product and necessary support along with it. There are so many variables involved in manufacturing; let us support you by being a reliable source for ink, training, and anything else you may need. From the moment your order comes in to when it leaves your facility, Quantum Ink can be the solutions providing partner that you are looking for.

Featured Corrugated Products

Designed for a multitude of substrates, the Classic Line provides the economical option for your all your standard box needs. For something that requires a bit more, look to the HG Line. With a higher pigment load, this high graphics option will give you the quality you need along with higher mileage capabilities. Reach out to a rep. today to learn more about all the different lines or to schedule a trial.

Meredith King

Marketing Director