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Shop Floor Operators and What They Expect Today Regarding Company Recruitment and Retention

May 11, 2023

Since the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly normalized remote work and interrupted factory schedules for millions of U.S. employees, those caring for young children or elderly relatives have been particularly reluctant to work in positions that do not offer them the flexibility to tend to these important family obligations. The truth is that conventional employment models are simply not conducive to people with these types of responsibilities. Because of this, hundreds of thousands of caregivers, particularly young mothers, have chosen to leave the labor force entirely over the past two years rather than putting up with unnecessary commutes, rigid schedules, and stingy leave policies. The past two years have proven that in-person employment and the conventional 40-hour workweek are not necessarily required to build high-performing teams, and companies worried about recruitment and retention recognize that now. Join AICC Technical Advisor Tom Weber to review some of these trends he has witnessed recently that can act as powerful differentiators for companies that want to maintain an edge in recruiting and retention.

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