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So Many Courses, All the Time You Need

By AICC Staff

July 24, 2019

width=300AICC has released eight new online courses in the last quarter, including Rightweighting, created in collaboration between the AICC Packaging School and Kruger Inc. All courses are free to employees at AICC member companies and are self-paced, so everyone can learn at their own speed.


Rightweighting can be used to find substrates that optimize the performance of the box and appeal to both the end users and box manufacturers in terms of cost, sustainability, and efficiency. The shift to rightweighting did not happen overnight. This course will dive into the origin of rightweighting, its application today, the technology, and where rightweighting is headed. Created with the support of AICC Education Investor Kruger Packaging.

Rotary Die-Cutting Operations

Rotary die cutters represent an excellent solution for flexographic printing and die cutting in-line, providing enhanced productivity, superior registration-and-print quality, increased flexibility, and a lower total cost of ownership. Rotary die cutters are used mainly in two industries: the manufacture of corrugated packaging with high printing and die-cutting requirements, and the production of in-store displays from corrugated board. As these industries continue to grow, we must follow suit, and this course is the perfect place to begin that journey! This course, created with the support of AICC Education Investor SUN Automation, covers the fundamentals of rotary die-​cutting operations, major sections of the machine, and housekeeping and maintenance procedures for your machine.

How to Spec a Corrugated Box

In this course, participants will learn how to determine what type of box will be measured, determine the box construction material, prepare the box for accurate measurement, and finally determine the inside length and width of the carton. This course is taught by AICC member Mike Schaefer of Tavens Packaging & Display Solutions.

Warp and How to Control It

Taught by AICC Corrugated Technical Advisor Ralph Young, participants learn how paper or combined board reacts to moisture or tension and how operator adjustments can correct warp. Participants will increase their working knowledge of a corrugator moisture control process while keeping bond integrity intact.

Standardized Work

Standardized work is built through documentation, teamwork, and practice to accomplish continuous improvement in any important process. This course teaches the creation of standard operating procedures, one-point lessons, decision trees, checklists, and more. Templates and guidelines will equip you to provide clear procedures for important tasks that will improve productivity and speed of training.

Maximizing Training ROI

This course addresses proven methods of effective employee engagement, planning, and application of training. Best practices for use of the AICC Packaging School, destination classes, or any other learning experience show how to check the learners’ knowledge and get the benefit of application right away. The planning process is explained, and resources are provided. Finally, a plan for overcoming cultural resistance to training and implementation is shared.

Benefits of ERP Software Solutions for the Packaging Industry

This course focuses on how enterprise resource planning, or ERP, software solutions can help your company with financials, operations and logistics, sales and marketing, and customer satisfaction—told through firsthand accounts of professionals in the packaging industry.

How to Help an Upset Customer

Even the best companies occasionally have upset customers. Terri-Lynn Levesque offers a strategy that will assist anyone with managing their own emotions while helping to find a solution for the customer. This very brief course uses the acronym SPAA to equip you to calmly manage these difficult conversations.

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