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Time Flies!

By Tony Schleich

August 7, 2017

width=231We have all experienced periods in which we reflect and say, “Where did the time go?” Honestly, I cannot believe that I am more than halfway through my term already! Doesn’t it seem as though time can really “fly”? Of course, we all fully understand that time is fixed and finite. And it is, in fact, what we choose to do with our time that really matters.

To date, I have covered integrity, excellence, and creativity in these columns, and have offered you definitions of how these values drive our success at The Lawrence Paper Company’s American Packaging Division. Continuing with my principled leadership theme, I would like to introduce you to our fourth value “pillar”—balance.

From a broad sense, principled leadership strikes a balance between the physical reality of our life and the values we embrace. In my case, I know I need to strike a balance between my responsibilities as president of the company and the spiritual and ethical values I hold, which in my case are drawn primarily from my obligation to my family and my belief in God.

Or, the simpler definition for our operation, and one that focuses on work-life balance as well as stressing the importance of our interpersonal contacts, is:“Having fun and valuing relationships through an engaged culture of daily achievement and enjoyment.”

It is too easy to fall into the trap of “going through the motions” of a typical day, one where it is setup after setup on a machine and phone call after phone call in the office. We forget to stop every once in a while and celebrate a victory—a nice order or perhaps a great run in the plant. We believe that it is necessary to recognize our daily achievements to serve as a reminder of why we do what we do, which ultimately leads to enjoying what it is that we do!

We also believe that it is vital for our associates to be afforded opportunities to have a work-family time balance as well. With kids’ activities, family obligations, and personal interests, we all have things that pull us in many directions. However, with proper communication and support, we always find ways to cover those times when an associate needs to make a school activity or be with a family member.

My eyes are set on what is certain to be an excellent fall meeting in Las Vegas from September 25 to 27, where I will step down as your Chair—and it will certainly be here before I know it! Until then, with the many terrific regional meetings and educational opportunities that AICC has to offer (check out the iCalendar at, I will need to strike my own work-life balance.

I hope you are having a safe and wonderful summer!




Tony Schleich

President, The Lawrence Paper Company, American Packaging Division

Chair, AICC