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Viewpoint: Marketing Approaches

By AICC Staff

September 28, 2016

umlauf_aiccMarketing is a reflection of what a business is and what it has to offer. And, as a company grows and evolves, so must its marketing. At Haire Group, we’ve grown from a seller of preowned machines to a tier 1 new machinery provider. Naturally, with that business evolution, our marketing has undergone drastic changes. We are still working to take our message to the right target, but now we are engaging a different target with a different message. To do that, we’ve had to update our marketing pieces to better reflect who we are as an organization.

Marketing is a critical component in creating new relationships. Often it’s the first encounter someone has with you, and it provides ongoing touch points with existing and potential customers. Through our growth, we have learned the significance of being open to change and updating marketing, and it has made all the difference. — Keith Umlauf, executive vice president of sales, Haire Group

lopezdanny_aiccRecently, we have begun using some of our longtime, faithful employees as the centerpiece for some of our advertising. The idea is to give people a glimpse inside the doors of Alliance Machines through a look at the hardworking American employees that make our business successful. We have had an extremely positive response to these advertisements from customers and suppliers alike. — Danny Lopez, senior territory manager, Alliance Machine Systems



grahamkatie_aiccThe Pamarco podcast is one of a kind in the printing industry and includes a wide variety of technical information that is quick and useful. With experts from our team and guest experts from partners, the podcast is a valuable tool for printers. This, along with our instructional videos, makes our social media marketing not only about branding our company, but about educating our peers and customers on subjects that are pertinent to packaging industry trends. As active participants in the markets we serve and with input from customers and our sales team, we deliver valued information to the industry. — Katie Graham, marketing and communications manager, Pamarco


dutkajune_aiccFollowing a niche marketing strategy whereby we have narrowed our focus to a few ideal targets and end-use markets has worked well for us. When you understand client needs deeply, you can more easily hone in on an innovative solution that truly benefits the target market. Creating a customized, supporting marketing message communicated through both traditional and social media marketing channels will then help turn the audience into fans who will buy and recommend you to others in the industry. — June Dutka, director of marketing and communication, TimBar Packaging & Display


strickerttraci_aiccIn order to get in front of our target audience from different angles, our marketing strategy is very integrated. Although we have a lot to say about Bennett’s products and services, we take the billboard approach with our messaging—it has to be targeted and quick to read. In this age of Twitter, Vine, and Instagram, people are spending less and less time reading and absorbing. We only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention and try to hold on to it to get the point across. Because of this, the content needs to grab attention, be memorable, and lead viewers to our website to learn more. — Traci Strickert, director of marketing, Bennett


hollenbach_bryan_aiccGreen Bay Packaging adequately captures marketing objectives by evaluating three metrics: awareness, sales, and advocacy. We understand that effective promotional campaigns are less likely to lead to a sale and more likely to result in an internet search, where consumers’ behavior can be tracked.

It is imperative to touch the lives of customers through electronic marketing, thus keeping your company name at the forefront. In today’s digital world, brands are no longer mere corporate assets to be leveraged, but communities of belief and purpose.

We have a team of marketing specialists that design, create, and execute our marketing campaigns. They work hand in hand with our sales team to create the most effective marketing campaigns for each product, as well as customer targeting. — Bryan Hollenbach, executive vice president, Green Bay Packaging

brownrichard_aiccWith regard to social media, every Thursday we feature current work in our “fresh off the press” themed content. It’s a great way to share the creativity of our clients, along with our ability to bring their ideas to life.

For general marketing, we do a lot of personalization. As a leader in digitally produced packaging, we find it valuable to demonstrate the personalization, variable content, and unique capabilities we encourage clients to use.

Our marketing and social media are managed with an outside firm that

provides on-site support at least one day per week. This allows our team to have marketing participation without having an in-house team. The partner organization has resources well beyond what we would have with our own staff. — Richard Brown, president, The BoxMaker

metherddrew_aiccWe develop and run 90 percent of our marketing and social media campaigns in-house. Most of our marketing innovation comes from testing different approaches to messaging and design layout. We’re able to view and understand analytics across our digital efforts and quickly react based on trends we’re seeing in click-through, conversion, and bounce rates. For example, just by changing the color of a call-to-action button, we saw a 20 percent improvement in click-through rates. When possible, we try to transfer these successes to nondigital efforts (wording, layouts, etc.). At the end of the day, Frain’s marketing is just a bridge to our engineering and sales support team, which remains one of our strongest assets according to customer feedback. — Drew Metherd, director of marketing, Frain Industries, Inc.

madlbill_aiccI think that our eVMI (electronic vendor-managed inventory) marketing campaign has been an excellent, successful campaign for our company. We draft our message to include links, images, and text, and using Outlook, send it to a target list of specific accounts and prospects. This approach allows us to track who received it, who opened it, and who expresses interest in hearing more about the program.

Our brochures are very original, too, in that they are focused on what we believe are the important segments of our business. The print version can be left on a sales call or sent out in a mailing, and the electronic version is posted all over our website. Our most recent brochure, highlighting our wine packaging, looks great and is targeted for that specific industry segment. We added a video on our website to show how to use this packaging.

We continue to feature testimonials and case studies that focus on innovative solutions, and allow our customers to tell the story of who are and how we service the market. — Bill Madl, director of marketing and product development, Jamestown Container Companies

kelso-1-1LPC has been successful with our marketing campaigns using a team approach. We established a group of people from different areas in our company to bring ideas and input for various marketing campaigns. The group meets once a month to discuss current and future events. To date, our most successful campaigns have been around Halloween and the holiday season. These two events give us the opportunity to create a specialized product that highlights our services and scope of production capabilities.

A similar approach is taken with social media. Specifically, our July 4th campaign was a contest that allowed our customers and prospective customers to show their patriotism and have some fun at the same time. They did this by posting photos with a holiday-specific hashtag (#LPCRedWhiteAndYou) using props that are printed and mailed to customers as part of the marketing campaign. It’s also great for the winners, who receive a nice prize for their creativity. — Kirk J. Kelso, vice president, sales, LPC

mattAt Landaal, our approach to marketing is simple. We are a family-owned and operated business and an active member of our community. We use social media and other platforms to tell our story and to educate our current and prospective clients, not to hard sell our products and services. Being that we are B2B, we are interested in building long-term relationships rather than just making a quick sale. We believe marketing is about connecting with people and offering content that is useful and relevant to their life. It’s what has kept us in business for over 50 years.

In terms of building our campaigns, we’ve found that the best way is to start organically. All of our marketing strategies are conceptualized, developed and generally executed internally. We operate with a small creative team, but executive management is also present and involved throughout the process. We have a great synergy going and are always looking for new and creative ways to connect with our clients. — Matt Landaal, plant manager, Landaal Packaging Systems

PhillipToday’s digital platforms have revolutionized the marketing of products and services. It’s not enough any longer to produce informative product brochures and video demonstrations. Marketing in today’s digitally-reliant economy requires an enormous amount of innovative positioning that showcases your products and services to a much larger and more informed audience.

At Young Shin USA Limited, we took the opportunity to critically examine our existing web site last year and, as a result, developed a whole new manner of presenting our diecutter product lines for Young Shin USA and the labeling, laminating, in-line and single-face sheeter products for STOCK Maschinenbau. South Korean-based Young Shin Industries, of which we are wholly-owned, together with German-based STOCK Maschinenbau, market and sell their premier product lines on a global basis with Young Shin USA Limited representing sales and service throughout North America.

Our investment in the complete redevelopment of the Young Shin website ( quickly yielded returns with increased inquiries on our product lines due to its ease-of-use and comprehensive information provided to our website’s visitors. Complete product presentations with online specifications, photographs, digital brochures, and informative videos has increased interest in the Young Shin and STOCK products and makes it particularly easy to learn how our products can seamlessly integrate into existing environments and increase productivity and profitability. We also promote our tradeshow participation as we did for Drupa in late spring and for the upcoming SuperCorrExpo® in October of this year.

We manage the content and update of our website with our own Young Shin internal marketing personnel who work in concert with a highly-talented design/programming firm that can execute our updates on a rapid basis. As we continue to refine our website, we are also developing additional digital outreach and marketing efforts that will keep Young Shin/STOCK on the forefront of current technology. — Phillip Mack, national sales manager, Young Shin USA Limited

JeffAt Cascades Sonoco, we had a unique challenge. We were formed in 1992 as a joint venture between Cascades Corporation and Sonoco, and for the first 19 years we were primarily focused on roll packaging for the paper market. As this industry started and continues to decline, we had to re-invent ourselves and develop new products for new markets. This was challenging in many ways, but a key one was how were we going to get our name and our brands into these new targeted markets. We have been successful by focusing our marketing efforts through print advertising, web advertising, Google AdWords, Google targeted ad campaigns and, most recently, quarterly newsletters sent to customers and prospects. Our recent website redesign was necessary in order to have our site mobile-device friendly. This was key as the amount of prospects and customers looking at our site for new and innovative products had increased by over 600 percent in just the past six months. We also began developing YouTube videos on our company and specific products. We are currently evaluating other social media platforms to get our message out. B to B marketing can be challenging with a very small team and limited budget, but focusing on the right target market and having innovative products and you can be successful.

Our campaigns are developed and run as a team effort. We utilize SELMARQ based in Charlotte, N.C., for creative design and marketing communication resources and cyberwoven, LLC based in Columbia, S.C., developed and manages our website and quarterly newsletters. — Jeff Stacey, marketing and business development manager, Cascades Sonoco

We found YouTube to provide the most impact for social media. Instead of our customers reading a newsletter to learn about products, a short video enables the customer to see the products in action. The YouTube videos can be tracked by number of views and other analytics like average view duration, geographical locations, and number of times the video has been shared. Plus, who knows? Maybe the video will become a viral sensation and you’ll become famous! — Rob Callif, president/COO, BCM Inks

mariaOur marketing at L.D. Davis Industries is heavily focused on generating and sharing educational content related to all of the industries we serve. The goal is to be seen as the “Wikipedia” of our industry. In order to do that, we are sharing and creating content on our blog and through social channels that is relevant and useful to our readers. We want to make their lives easier!

Some examples of content we share via social media and our blog include: packaging glue troubleshooting guides, glue price estimates, and technical write-ups focusing on how to get the most out of your glue. Even if some readers don’t end up purchasing glue from us, if they have learned something that can help them get their job done, we call that a success.

All of our marketing is handled in-house. We look to all of our teams (customer service, sales, technical) for input on posts and blog topics. — Maria Verros, online marketing manager, LD Davis Industries

JoshJamestown Container is very active in social media and regularly posts on forums such as Facebook and LinkedIn. I think that we set ourselves apart in our approach to marketing. We are very active with customer testimonials and case studies. We also regularly distribute marketing materials to our customers and prospective customers. In an industry which in large part is antiquated, we do a good job of trying to stay ahead of the curve. We do have a director of marketing who is responsible for heading up all of these initiatives. —Josh Sobel, account manager, Jamestown Container

JanayWe began putting our focus on digital marketing several years ago and have seen major growth through inbound business as a result. Our digital strategy has been to create a consistent online presence beginning with an innovative website that is consistently updated to creating brand identity through all of the major social platforms. DeLine utilizes multiple online advertising serving services to create ad campaigns geared toward target markets. As the marketing director, I create all campaigns and monitor their success. The digital landscape offers challenges and new opportunities to manufacturers. Our goal is to continually educate ourselves on digital trends in order to use that platform to create new and relevant business opportunities for DeLine Box & Display. — Janay Morgan-Oliver, marketing director, Deline Box & Display

GregSUN Automation Group is focused on delivering innovative, customer-centric solutions. As such ,our marketing communications efforts reinforce those commitments, and we are continuously looking to improve our communication worldwide. To ensure effective strategy and design, we recently contracted global marketing and PR agency Adduco Communications. Their President, Simona Georgescu, has also been integrated as an acting member of the leadership team. With their support, we have broadened our advertising efforts, created new visual elements to our marketing activities and implemented a global communication plan that communicates a consistent, value-driven message. — Greg Jones, director of sales and marketing, SUN Automation Group

SimonaAs an employee-owned company, there is support and a vested interest in the way SUN is represented across the board. From engineering to parts, services, and sales, everyone has a voice and is heard. The unifying message is that SUN’s marketing innovation is driven by its solutions. This year has been filled with new initiatives, solutions, and partnerships. Our goal has been to broaden the scope of communication throughout the supply chain by using both niche, vertical market outlets, and traditional sources to convey our messaging. We are also working on revamping much of the companies visual assets to align better with the truly ground-breaking technology and services the company provides. Over the next several months customers will see this in our (SUN’s) website, booth design at the upcoming SuperCorrExpo®, testimonial videos and sales literature. — Simona Georgescu, president, Adduco Communications

TrishAt MarquipWardUnited, part of BW Papersystems, we want to enhance customer engagement through our marketing efforts. We believe the most innovative marketing efforts we do, have a foundation in the old-fashioned idea of human-to-human communication.

We want to partner with our customers, and the finest way to communicate about the solutions we offer is to visit our facilities and meet the ladies and gentlemen that design, build and support the products and services from BW Papersystems. In the United States, we have manufacturing facilities for the corrugator product line in Phillips, Wis., and for the finishing machines in Baltimore, Md. We encourage all of our customers to come and visit us to us and see it for themselves.

We want to continue that direct communication through our sales and marketing efforts when we aren’t able to host our customers. It is why we have direct sales visits and have increased our presence in social media. Places like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter offer a place for discussion that can spread across the world, and across and similar industries. We look forward to discussing trends and best practices with our customers on the internet. Trish M. Kempkes, director of global communications and marketing, BW Papersystems

HeidiOther than a newly improved easy to navigate website with precise information and demonstration videos, we still tend to find our most successful marketing through good old-fashioned magazine advertising and tradeshow participation. Social media, such as our website, allows interested parties to go online for further information. Continued conversation through email, WhatsApp, telephone, and visits to potential customers’ facilities is standard. Visits to our Baysek headquarters with complimentary die fabrication and personal C-170 demonstrations custom designed around each individual visitor allows potential customers to see their exact product(s) of interest successfully accomplished in real time before confidently making a commitment.

At Baysek, our die cutting method is very unique to the industry. Therefore, we try to incorporate a unique approach with our marketing campaigns to catch the eye of those who can benefit from what we offer. We find success using attractive and/or memorable ad campaigns in the advertisement process leading up to the shows we will be attending, incorporate that same message in our booth display, and carry it through the thank you emails we send to those who visited our booth. Often, we will gear our advertisement around the destination of each upcoming show. Clever is usually our aim, but we are also not afraid to teeter on the edge of quirky and/or humorous to catch the eye and seed our name and unique capabilities.

I am in charge of developing and running our advertising and marketing campaigns. At Baysek, we are passionate about conquering simple to difficult die cutting challenges individuals face with a high grade finished product result. It’s easy to market when the product you are representing allows you to confidently put yourself out there with a proven solution that your audience can benefit from and/or is specifically in need of and looking for. — Heidi Pronschinske, marketing and sales, Baysek Machines Inc.

MollyLitho Press uses a wide variety of marketing and social media approaches to reach our client base. The platform of our marketing campaign starts with our logo, which is a drawing of a strong pressman holding our Litho Press company name above his head. The logo represents the solid and creative commitment Litho Press has to our customers.

The logo is very memorable and used from our business cards (die-cut), ads, website, trucks, building sign, brochure, note pads, pens, and even candy trays. Our logo business card was honored on a CBS Sunday Morning News segment which featured the importance of business cards. The logo continues to work through Linkedin and Facebook.

Once a contact has begun, the ultimate key is a personal team approach relationship. — Molly Mercer, Litho Press Inc.

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