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Why Customers Buy From You, and Why They Don’t

By AICC Staff

November 11, 2021

Each company unquestionably has ideas and anecdotal evidence about their customers. But, what would you be able to do with fact-based evidence about why your customers buy from you? How would your company grow if you could get action items that could help you increase your share of wallet?

AICC has partnered with OTB Solutions, and we negotiated an AICC rate for the voice of the customer research. The one-on-one research discussions help leaders in the industry answer the questions they need to design buyer-centric go-to-market plans.

Questions such as:

  • Why do customers buy from you?
  • Why don’t customers buy from you?
  • Are your customers aware of all your capabilities?
  • How do your buyers shop for solutions?
  • What buying criteria do your buyers use when making purchase decisions?
  • What is their decision-making and buying process today?
  • Are your customers satisfied?
  • What customers are preparing to defect and leave you?
  • Will your customers refer you to others?

AICC Member Investment

Top 30–50 customers by revenue

interviews: $5,850

100 customers: $6,990

200 customers: $10,500

Given all the market changes and disruption we have seen over the last 18 months, we hope this service will help give AICC leaders the data to make strategic decisions to continue to profitably grow and improve customer experience.


Teams that participate in this research will receive a one-hour data debrief with OTB Solutions CEO Mark Roberts, with recommendations based on actionable insights discovered and the research data file by the customer by question for business development in the future.

See sample data and actionable insights at