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Worker Training Is Important

By Michael DAngelo

January 23, 2020

AICC receives large amounts of information, data, studies, consultant reports, etc. from inside and outside the paper-based packaging industries. Much of it we try to share with you.

I recently came across the Harvard Business School’s Future of Human Work Workers Survey. From that study, here is the chart of what U.S. workers identify as impactful forces and when those forces will affect them. This data is derived from workers at all levels in an enterprise. It is very instructive for AICC members.

Based on most “impactful” criteria, U.S. workers identified that more ongoing training at work is required today (30%) and in under five years (45%). A sizeable majority, 75%, of your employees want you to provide them with more ongoing training. Fortunately, AICC has you covered with 60-plus online courses for you to share with your team. One-quarter of these courses are available also in Spanish.

Those of you who know me know my passion for industry education, going back to my years of service on the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation board of directors, including a term as chair. Listen to your employees and train them—all of them. The chart above shows the opportunities and threats that they perceive for themselves in service to your business. Take advantage of all resources available to you, and make training a priority.

I was very pleased to see the U.S. worker putting the customer in their view of impacts as well. They identified sudden shifts in customer needs as being an impactful force on them. Worker training will make them more agile in the face of sudden shifts. In anticipation of changes in customer behavior, AICC also has you covered as we share a tremendous amount of information on industry and market trends. We enlist subject-matter experts to speak on these topics at meetings, at seminars, in publications, in webinars, and at your plants. As an example, you’ll begin to see materials shortly on AICC’s upcoming E-Commerce Xperience in February (

You lead, but count on AICC to help you stay in front.





Michael D’Angelo

AICC President”

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