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Adduco Communications Inc.

By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022


Nothing—and yet everything—has changed. The pandemic hit us all in more ways than one. From labor shortages and lockdowns to travel and other related restrictions brought about by the COVID crisis, corrugated OEMs and box plants alike fought hard to keep up with growing demand amid a challenging supply chain.

But the show must go on. Forever resilient, the industry maintained its essential status and converters churned out boxes faster than Santa during Christmas.

For marketers, this meant the typical communication rush around buying season and trade shows was replaced by an 18-month daily communication chess game. Unable to meet in-person, many suppliers turned to digital communications in hopes of staying top-of-mind. In fact, recently reported that “digital marketing spending is poised to grow by $128.83 bn during 2021–2025, progressing at a CAGR of 6.53%.” The study further pointed out that “the market is driven by global digital transformation and increased credibility.” On a micro level, the increased demand even forced us at Adduco to triple our digital department and bring in additional partners where necessary.

For many B2B leaders, the digital proliferation over the last year came as an unexpected surprise. This was especially true for the corrugated market, where most have grown accustomed to more traditional forms of marketing. Antiquated websites and graveyard social media accounts were quickly losing favor with customers, and many companies were forced to switch tactics quickly. Several took advantage of the new era in communication and started up relevant podcasts and blogs. Others focused on what they needed to fix … and a few are still waiting for the tide to turn back. [Spoiler Alert: It’s not.]

The good news is that the landscape is forever evolving, and as long as you have something to sell, you have something to tell and someplace to share it. According to Siteefy, there are “133,361,676 websites in the US as of August 2021” with 500,000+ more added each day globally. Furthermore, of those sites more than 23% are not mobile friendly.

Begging the first question, is your site mobile friendly? If not, that’s a first step in optimizing brand awareness and visibility as some statistics show more than 60% of site traffic comes from mobile devices. This also means there are ample opportunities to be seen and heard. Many of these blogs, newsletters, and related industry websites are always looking for new content. As an added bonus, the more sites that you share your brand story with, the greater your own web results will be.

Speaking of content, digital marketing allows for content to be spread further but also demands more of it. According to Forbes, “global online content consumption doubled in 2020,” and social media alone grew by 48%, followed by news websites and apps increasing by 47%. This doesn’t necessarily mean you must double your efforts, but it does pose our second question—how much original content does your company currently produce? If the answer is “not much” or “we don’t have enough to say,” it might be time to give us a call or seek out some help.

As previously mentioned, if you have something to sell, there is a story to tell. I should note this is overly simplified as we recognize not all content is good.

This brings up our third and probably most important question—do you know your audience? Simple as it sounds, for marketers this means a lot more than just recognizing who your ideal buyer is by the traditional categories of company and title. We need to know their personalities, likes/dislikes, preferred modes of communication, and channels they visit. It’s a science. Social media is great for providing that data and we often leverage it for both prospecting and communicating.

In the end, the world has changed but business has not. How we communicate and conduct business has gone largely digital—and many will need to adapt before they fall too far behind. For those of us entrenched in the digital age, we will continue to work hard to ensure the voice of our customer is etched in both pixels and stone.


Simona Georgescu

Founder & President