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AICC Education Catalog

By AICC Staff

September 12, 2019


AICC is the leading educator for independent corrugated, folding carton, and rigid box converters. With more than 60 free online courses, instructive seminars across the country, topical webinars throughout the year, and informative workshops at national meetings and summits, AICC can help everyone in your plant maximize their potential and your company maximize its profit.

Encourage your team to participate in the benefits available. When you invest and engage, AICC delivers success.

Getting Started & Refreshing Your Skills

Best Practices for Corrugator & Maintenance Operations

(Wed.–Thu.) October 9–10, 2019

Hosted at Green Bay Packaging & BW Papersystems, Green Bay and De Pere, WI

During the seminar, operation and maintenance experts will emphasize the prevention of problems and breakdowns by establishing a series of daily checks and observations to maintain an environment of continuous improvement. Each participant will return to his or her facility with a plan to improve daily operations and maintenance.

Flexographic Printing: Raising the Standard

January 29–30, 2020 & May 20–21, 2020

Hosted at Printcon, Clemson, SC

This popular seminar will focus on producing clean solids and line work, as well as halftones and spot colors by balancing classroom sessions and time on press. By this method, participants will have a deeper understanding of the concepts and gain experience building standard works. Many troubleshooting will be addressed, from dot gain and die cutting to proper graphic design for corrugated to ensure the best results.

Corrugated Fundamentals

March 11–12, 2020

Chicago, IL

This seminar is a comprehensive, interactive exploration of corrugated packaging technologies. It covers everything from raw material choices to packaging design, printing, converting, sustainability, and end use. Attendees will analyze various packaging solutions and examine the performance attributes of containerboard and corrugated board, including appearance, printability, and runability.





RDC Fundamentals

June 16–17, 2020

Hosted at Fox Valley Technical Institute, Appleton, WI

AICC’s new two-day course will focus on how to safely produce quality boxes at speed on fewer-than-4-color machines. Participants learn the why behind best practices and then learn by doing. They will gain experience as they explore each section of the machine with expert trainers and suppliers. By this method, participants will have a deeper understanding of the concepts, practicing them in a hands-on environment and building standard operating procedures to take best practices back to their home plants by the construction of standard operation procedures, one-point lessons, and checklists.

Available Anytime—Free Online Courses

Avoiding Antitrust Liability:

Through the video, you will learn what antitrust law is, along with basic principles and guidelines to follow to avoid costly violations that could cause lasting and significant harm to yourself, your company, and the industry as a whole. AICC’s Antitrust Manual is included with this course.

Corrugated Basics 101, 102, 103: Currently set up as a three-part series, this course covers the history and industry overview, corrugated board and its uses, and manufacturing and converting board. (Available in Spanish)

Corrugated Containers: This course discusses the use of corrugated fiberboard in packaging by providing a thorough summary of manufacturing, specifications, and use of the substrates. The science of selecting the correct corrugated board specification for your packaging application will be discussed, with examples and proper calculations.

The Corrugator*: This course, focusing on the corrugator, dives into key sections and systems of the corrugator, including the wet end, dry end, and the corrugator control system. This course was created with the support of Fosber.

Essential Principles of Water-Based Inks*: While there are choices when it comes to the different inks you can use for printing, one thing is certain—inks are critical to a successful print job. This course will give you the basics you need to know as a printer or supplier of water-based flexo inks and how to engineer these inks for consistent quality printing. This course was created with the support of BCM Inks.

Flexographic Print Fundamentals: This course demonstrates how to produce clean solids and line work as well as halftones and spot colors. This course is based on core objectives covered in the live workshop held at Clemson’s Printcon facility.

Glass Packaging: This course defines the composition of commercial glass, its manufacturing process, and how to choose the correct type of glass and bottle design for various applications.

How to Spec a Corrugated Box: In this course, you will learn how to determine what type of box you will be measuring, determine the box construction material, prepare the box for accurate measurement, and finally determine the inside length and width of the carton. (Spanish availability pending)

Introduction to Polymers: In this course, we examine all the types of plastics, the application of the material, how it is created, its raw materials, and how it is used in the packaging industry.

Machinery: In this course we overview the packaging production line and examine the purpose and process of each individual station in the line. You will learn how to identify bottlenecks and make use of buffers to improve efficiency.

Maximize Training ROI: This course addresses proven methods of effective employee engagement, planning, and application of training. The planning process is explained, and resources are provided. Finally, a plan for overcoming cultural resistance to training and implementation is shared.

Metal Packaging: In this course, you will learn the definition and types of metal, as well as the different can styles. Applications for different types of metal and can styles will be taught.

Packaging Foundation: In this course we cover the essentials of packaging, beginning with an

industry overview that covers common functions and terms, the evolution of packaging, its role in society, and how it applies to the industry.

Packaging Production Math: This course is a practical guide to how math skills are used in packaging production. Math instructor Greg Davis refreshes your knowledge of fractions, use of a tape measure, converting standard and metric measurements to decimals, and estimation of product counts. (Spanish availability pending)

Packaging Regulations: Laws and regulations are used to protect people and limit environmental damage that is caused in the packaging process. There is not one sole governing body for packaging regulations, and as such, individual agencies and their pertinent laws are examined.

Paperboard Cartons: You will learn how paper is sourced and manufactured, what paperboard grade is best for your application, and the possibilities for creating unique, eye-catching paperboard packaging designs. You will have access to powerful tools that help you select styles, designs, point sizes, print processes, and pricing.

Rightweighting*: Rightweighting can be used to find substrates that optimize the performance of the box and appeal to both the end users and box manufacturers in terms of cost, sustainability, and efficiency. The shift to rightweighting did not happen overnight. This course will dive into the origin of rightweighting, its application today, the technology, and where the future of rightweighting is headed. This was created with the support of Kruger Packaging.

Rotary Die Cutting Operation*: Rotary die cutters are used in two main industries: the manufacture of corrugated packaging with high printing and die cutting requirements and the production of in-store displays from corrugated board. This course covers the fundamentals of rotary die cutting operations, major sections of the machine, and housekeeping and maintenance procedures for your machine. This was created with the support of SUN Automation Group.

Safety Basics 101, 102, 103: This course provides employees with the knowledge and skills required to safely perform their assigned duties, and to recognize potential hazards and avoid them. (Available in Spanish)

Understanding Anilox Rolls: We will look at the function, operation, cleaning, and maintenance of anilox rolls for peak performance in printing.

Understanding Combined Board Combinations: Any given ECT can be made from a variety of containerboard grades. Linerboards and mediums come in a wide range of strength properties. It’s always a matter of selecting the highest strength at the least basis weight at the lowest cost.

Moving Up

Customer Service Seminar

October 23–24, 2019

Chicago, IL

This two-day training course covers customer service communication skills and key organizational skills for those who are on the front line with direct contact with customers. The first day, attendees will hone their communication skills, including how to deliver bad news, handling customer complaints, and improving listening skills. We’ll elevate the conversation on the second day, when we discuss how to leverage communication and process improvement skills to build stronger and productive relationships with the departments we work with. Feeling overwhelmed, overcommitted, or unorganized? The second day, we will tackle getting organized!

Selling Digital Print

February 5–6, 2020

Bentonville, AR

Digital sales opportunities are exploding! This new two-day seminar provides you the time to gain substantial information to keep up with the rapid changes related to selling in the new digital age! Attend this course and receive a clear understanding of the drivers of the digital revolution and why growth is happening so quickly. Find out how you can get a piece of the digital market, even if you don’t have a digital machine! Learn how to do a retail audit with visits to a local club shop and retailers.

The Sales Train: Building Long-Term Customer Relationships

March 3–4, 2020

Atlanta, GA

It is well understood that the art of sales involves the successful execution of a long list of steps that are involved in the sales process, sales cycle, sales funnel, etc. Regardless of what you know it as, the interconnectivity of this series of events is crucially important as well. A good symbolic representation is a sales train, which indicates the lead locomotive, a bunch of box cars, and the caboose. We likely share the belief that the lead locomotive is the prospecting phase that drives the whole process. While we may have some different names, or slightly different ordering, we would capture many of the same titles for the boxcars. However, many may believe that the caboose represents the close of a particular deal. In this course, we will challenge that philosophy and build a case that the close is two cars forward of the caboose. The caboose is a better representation of your clients’ trust, and this should be what you are ultimately shooting for during every stage of the sales process. Trust will have your client ordering the second project from you, eventually positioning you to be the organization with which they prefer to work in all cases.

Design Workshop

March 25–26, 2020

Hosted at The Packaging School, Greenville, SC

AICC partners with The Packaging School to bring designers relevant and impactful knowledge centered around packaging design. The program begins with identifying key pain points in design and covers how to understand your customer, build the brand, and create artwork. We will explore how to design efficient and effective designs and discuss print strategy, 3D design, and structural design solutions. We will also cover how to maximize e-commerce structures and the future of e-commerce packaging. Attendees will also participate in hands-on projects to help break down package design, evaluate the good and bad aspects, create e-commerce redesigns, and work with other designers to help create the designed packaging product.

Productive Machine Measurement Seminar

March 2020

Chicago, IL

Today’s workforce is most productive and engaged when trained and equipped, and when it receives consistent feedback. Participants will leave with tools for process improvement and communication to gain speed of setup and production with greater quality.

Sales Management Forum, in Conjunction With the AICC Spring Meeting

April 1–3, 2020

Carlsbad, CA

Participants will learn how to build a sales team for the modern day with the idea of not hiring “the best” salespeople, but organizing a collaborative team—to prospect, develop business, and wrap up with a mutually beneficial close.

Management by the Numbers

May 5–6, 2020

Hosted at SMC Packaging Group, Springfield, MO

This seminar goes far beyond the favorite measures of production: MSF per staff hour and machine speed. You’ll gain the ability to understand and communicate the costs of materials and staffing, allowing you to develop a successful plan to increase productivity and profitability.

Digital Print Operations

Date TBD

This premier workshop is based on the movement to digital printing taking place in paper packaging and the need for a well-thought-out plan for meeting customer expectations. Learn from knowledgeable developers and users in digital print for corrugated. By the end of the seminar, you will leave with the knowledge you need to go further in digital printing and get the results you are looking for when you return home. You’ll have a vastly expanded set of possibilities for getting started in digital and building a digital platform for your customers at the level and pace that works for your company.

Available Anytime—Free

Online Courses

18 Ways to Sell Value: The marketplace is getting more competitive, and there are companies that are willing to do almost anything to land an account—including compromising quality. Learn 18 ways to sell on value instead of price.

Benefits of ERP Software Solutions for the Packaging Industry: Told through firsthand accounts of professionals in the packaging industry, this course focuses on how ERP software solutions can help your company with financials, operations and logistics, sales and marketing, and customer satisfaction.

Communication for Coaches: Modern management requires coaching skills, and first among these skills is communication. Participants complete a short survey that provides real-world feedback on business.

Convergent Selling: Imagine a world without traditional salespeople, linking creativity, communication, and delivery to increase sales momentum in the new marketplace. Pursuing business with the traditional road-warrior framework has become cost-prohibitive. This framework is designed around your customers’ experience and how you make their business better.

Distribution: In this course we assess all the ways to distribute a package, including space optimization and various green methods, to ensure best shipping methods. The complete supply chain overview is taught.

Fingerprinting the Flexographic Press: Fingerprinting demonstrates the capability of your press to print an image with consistency and quality. Learn to validate the settings on any flexographic press in order to diagnose for improvement and to gain speed, quality, and repeatability of print.

Flexographic Print Plates: This course was prepared by Jason Cagle, who is a contributor to AICC’s live Flexo Best Practices course at Clemson University. In this course, Cagle explains the best practices for storage and cleaning of print plates for quality print and extension of print plate utility.

Giving Motivational Feedback: This course provides a step-by-step plan for delivering both positive and negative feedback through the most effective methods. Participants practice using the steps to work through real workplace interactions.

How to Train Anyone to Do Anything: This course is provided to train the trainer in best practices for engaging employees and transferring critical knowledge for a safe and productive workplace. It’s perfect for seasoned employees who are tasked with training a new generation.

Maintenance Mapping: John Kravontka, CMRT, CMRP, teaches the process and benefits of maintenance mapping for improved safety, quality, and productivity. This technique brings the skills of value stream mapping to the maintenance department with benefits to machine health, speed of response to productionorganization of the shop, and reduction in chronic productivity losses.

Navigating Time: Time Management for the Job Shop: This course guides you through the process of goal-setting and scheduling to achieve greater balance and get more done on the things that matter most.

Package Printing: This course covers the different aspects of printing, its uses on various materials, and how different types of printing are used to achieve desired results. The course will also cover how graphics are used to attract customers and successfully market the product.

Project Planning: MAPP the

Project for Success: This course gives an essential understanding

of the tools for analysis and improvement of material and information flow. The various uses of value stream mapping will be described.

Situational Leadership: Professional coach Leah Ashford shows the various leadership styles and offers strategies for adapting the managerial style to fit developing employees.

Standardized Work: Make it easy

to do the right thing in your company. This course teaches the creation of standard operating procedures, one-point lessons, decision trees, checklists, and more. Templates and guidelines will equip you to provide clear standards for important tasks that will improve productivity and speed of training.

An Understanding of Accounts Receivable and Cash: Learn how every department in your company influences cash flow, specifically accounts receivable, and why collections are important to everyone in your firm.

WARP, and How to Control It:

Learn how paper or combined board reacts to moisture or

tension and how operator adjustments can correct warp. (Available in Spanish)

Reaching the Top

E-Commerce Xperience Conference

February 2020

This year’s Xperience will bring together e-commerce experts from all over the country to discuss topics including an overview of the current market, brand owners’ perspective on consumer packaging, Amazon’s new packaging regulations, and how to help brand owners maintain brand identity in the e-commerce arena. You will hear from packaging manufacturers, brand owners, and successful e-commerce distributors about this rapidly evolving segment for packaging.

Human Resource Workshop

March 2020

Hosted at JobPath, New York, NY

Human resources is a hard job. As the key employee-hiring strategist for the organization, you are responsible for keeping up with employment laws and pertinent compliance mandates. You are a key member of the leadership team, and you’re often forced to be a bad-news messenger—thanks to ever more complex laws and escalating benefit costs. You’re responsible for making sure your organization’s supervisors and managers understand organizational policies and procedures and apply them consistently. It’s a big job that does not always get the appreciation it deserves. This workshop will cover a host of topics and make your tough job easier. You will leave with practical tools, techniques, strategies, and guidelines you can use immediately.

Production Leadership Seminar: Next-Level Supervision of People & Process

March 2020

Chicago, IL

Keep your best people, improve productivity, and make best

practices become your common practices. With constant changes in the marketplace and workforce,

supervisors must be continuously equipped to improve productivity

and retain their best people. This course provides any manager in

the packaging industry (corrugated, folding carton, or rigid box) education and hands-on experience with the tools of leadership and process improvement.

Safety Summit

April 28–29, 2020

Hosted at Niagara Sheets, North Tonawanda, NY

This two-day workshop will cover all the aspects of safety in a packaging manufacturing environment. Using best practices and OSHA requirements, the Safety Summit will help operations managers, line supervisors, and people responsible for plant safety learn how to effectively integrate safety management into your overall management program and help supervisors improve safe management skills that encourage employee participation.

We will help you build a stronger safety culture by empowering your employees to actively participate.

Converter Conference

June 9–10, 2020

Grand Rapids, MI

With industry experts and peer support, this summit will help groom up-and-coming leaders, develop effective plant operations, plan for the future, make decisions that grow your business, and give you the tools to make it happen. This summit is a key step in the development of your employees and your business.

Available Anytime—Free

Online Courses

Build a Visual Workplace With 7s: The five S’s are described, and the two desired results are also included so that employee motivation is aligned with company goals. The concepts and best practices of organization activities and employee agreements necessary to sustain progress are described. (Spanish availability pending)

Corrective Counseling: Human resources consultant and attorney Grace Schmitt gives direction for coaching and retaining employees in a tough labor market. She shares best practices for preparing for and conducting the difficult conversations that help employees to be successful.

Delegation DIY: Learn to be

more productive while investing in the knowledge and skill of your direct reports. Learn to evaluate the level of delegation at which others delegate to you. In both cases, you will gain skills to attain the next level of delegation effectiveness.

Faster, Better, Smarter With Value Stream Maps: This course gives an essential understanding of the tools for analysis and improvement of material and information flow. The various uses of value stream mapping will be described. Participants will learn to map material flow through the supply chain, production, and warehousing to eliminate bottlenecks and reduce inventory costs.

GO TEAM: How to Make Your Team More Productive: This course was updated in August 2018. Understand the stages of team development so that you can lead them to higher productivity. You will learn to build a team charter, identify the functional stage, and equip them to accomplish more and enjoy the process!

How to Help an Upset Customer: Terri-Lynn Levesque offers a strategy that will assist anyone with managing their own emotions while helping to find a solution for the customer. This very brief course uses the acronym SPAA to equip you to calmly manage these difficult conversations.

Internal Staff Development Guide: The internal staff development guide is a tool for onboarding and ongoing professional development. The course provides key human resources training and provides people with resources to help effectively train new employees and to make sure an employee understands the requirements and expectations of the company.

Keeping Score: How to Read Financial Statements: Demystify the four most common financial statements: the purpose of the balance sheet, the income statement, the cash flow statements, and the ratio analysis. This course offers a practical approach for people of all levels of your packaging company to keep score using these tools.

Mentoring Best Practices: Mentoring is an essential component in today’s workforce. Seasoned employees at all levels of the organization have a wealth of knowledge that is critical to future success. This course describes the best practices and provides tools to allow anyone to form an effective mentoring relationship.

OEE for the Packaging Industry: In this course, overall equipment effectiveness, or OEE, is defined and shown to be a balanced and practical measurement for productivity. Scott Heilmann walks us through the steps to gather baseline measures, calculate OEE, quantify related savings, compensate for the changeover effect, and set motivating production goals. Additional resources are provided. (Spanish availability pending)

Optimizing the Flexographic Printing Process*: How many of us know how to become the perfect version of ourselves? Many of us do not, and neither do our flexographic print processes. However, this course is designed to showcase the cutting-edge technologies and systems within the flexographic printing industry that can help make your press the best version of itself. This was created with the support of Pamarco, JB Machinery, Printron, and Absolute. (Spanish availability pending)

Packaging Design Workflow: This course features the overall strategy utilized in developing a packaging system. After a recap of terms and basic design attributes, learn how to develop a design brief, kick off the project, brainstorm packaging ideas, and set up a timeline to production.

Preventative Maintenance Optimization: This course explores and explains operator preventative maintenance activities and equipment visuals. John Kravontka, CMRT, CMRP, explains the primary causes of most breakdowns and demonstrates the use of the diagnostic tools to prevent them.

Setup Reduction: Lean manufacturing techniques are explained in this course for the purpose of eliminating waste in the changeover time between jobs. The waste-​reduction tool TIMWOOD is used by all the participants to identify seven types of waste. Using video of a 10-minute setup, operators are tracked using a spaghetti diagram, then the process of prioritizing and leveling the work is described. The duties, as well as the time it takes to accomplish them, are analyzed, and the necessary training is completed. Most often, this results in a setup time cut in half. (Spanish availability pending)

Sustainable Packaging: This course outlines ways in which professionals can increase sustainability. This involves increased use of life cycle inventory and life cycle assessment to help guide the use of packaging, which reduces environmental impacts and ecological footprints.

More courses are available for all levels of experience. Learn more at and

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