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AICC’s Foundation for Packaging Education Continues to Grow

By AICC Staff

May 17, 2022


Believe it not, the Foundation for Packaging Education is already in the midst of receiving year-three contributions from its donors! The fund continues to grow, and with additional donors coming in and the two fundraisers set for this year, we are well on our way to achieving our goals.

Here is the latest list of corporate and individual donors: Michigan City Paper Box; Bay Cities Container; Jamestown Container; Greg and Bette Tucker; Oklahoma Interpak (in honor of John A. Schilt); SUN Automation; StandFast Group; DeLine Box; Harris Packaging; Package Crafters; Packaging Express; Wasatch Container; Central Package & Display; BCM Inks; Buckeye Boxes (in honor of Robert B. Hoyt); L.D. Davis; Welch Packaging Group; Adducco Communications (in memory of Michael Brunton); Mike D’Angelo; McLean Packaging; OX BOX; J.B. Machinery; Kolbus; Haire Machinery; Arvco Container; Equipment Finance Corp.; SMC Packaging Group; Akers Packaging Service; Tavens Container; Pamarco/Absolute; Royal Containers Ltd.; Athena SWC; A.G. Stacker; Viking Industries (in honor of Steve Narva); Independent II; Tyoga Container (in honor of Steve Narva); The Day Before Golf (American Corrugated Machinery, Torosian Technical Services); Paige Packaging (in honor of Steve Narva); Commonwealth Packaging (in honor of Steve Narva); Nick Griffin; NV Publications (in honor of Michael Brunton); Geo. M. Martin Company; and Jay and Terry Carman.

As a reminder, the foundation is AICC’s second 501(c)(3) education foundation. It is focused exclusively on ensuring that means are always available to support the development and continuity of training programs for those already employed within the paper-based packaging industry—in other words, your team members.

As an example, AICC’s Packaging School is just one of the employee-

focused training curriculums available to box plants. If you are not aware of how AICC’s education programming impacts the industry and your operations, in February AICC’s Packaging School recorded its 10,000th completed course since January 2017.

The AICC Independents’ Cup fundraiser was held in April, and the next fundraiser for the foundation will be held at Kiawah Island, South Carolina, November 8–10, at the Sanctuary. There will be events for golfers and nongolfers. Visit to learn more about those events.

If you have not yet pledged your support for the foundation, please consider joining your many peers in doing so. Remember, you are making an investment in your future. Visit to make your donation today!