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Help to Keep Our Foundation Strong

By AICC Staff

September 13, 2023

Since this is the “back-to-school” edition of BoxScore, it’s an appropriate time to review how AICC education programming works for membership.

All AICC education content available in the AICC Packaging University is a member benefit included with dues. Access is available for any team member at an AICC company in good standing. More than 100 courses are available online in English and Spanish, ranging from how to read a tape measure to the fundamentals of flexo. This content has been put together and provided by education professionals in support of AICC staff and AICC education donors.

AICC webinars are available through the All Access Pass and through the AICC NOW website. All AICC webinars are educational in nature and delve into timely and relevant topics.

In July, AICC launched a new “educational cohort” that is a combination of online and in-person learning that addresses understanding carbon. It is a course designed to help you understand your plant’s and your box’s carbon footprint and to give you ways to make that a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

AICC will never stop growing its educational offerings.

The Foundation for Packaging Education, created three years ago, was established to ensure AICC will always have funds available to create and renew education content for its members. Consumption of AICC education programming is approaching 16,000 completed courses since 2017, so there is an obvious and constant demand for added content.

If you are not a foundation donor, please consider joining the 35 companies and 10 individuals that have made such a commitment. Your pledge will bring a return to your operations as the foundation’s commitment is to your employees and their continuing education and improvement.

The Foundation for Packaging Education is a 501(c)(3) education charity administered by AICC. Your pledge is tax-deductible and will ensure the future of this industry’s independents. Yours is a generational business—pay it forward!