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By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022


Amtech’s EnCore ERP with Integrated Scheduling & Production Monitoring Suite is the industry’s most advanced and informative ERP System and Automation Solution on the market. Built on enhanced security technologies you can ensure that your business has closed potential cyber-security

gaps while providing your business with the latest intelligence and data available on the market. Addressing multi-lingual needs, Amtech can meet the demands of single plants to multi-national, integrated operations.

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE – Actionable Visual Analytics.

A complete business intelligence solution built into EnCore, real-time data is pulled through to meaningful and actionable dashboards and analytics. With many canned dashboards to choose from and the ability to easily customize dashboards, your team will stay ahead of today’s performance instead of operating days and weeks behind.

CORRUGATOR SCHEDULING – Intelligent, Automated Scheduling.

Solutions Scheduling for Corrugators provides plant schedulers with the tools necessary to efficiently trim all paper grades through built-in intelligence. You will achieve better, more cost-effective runs that minimize wet end changes, converting backlog, WIP, and congestion on the plant floor.


Increase Throughput.

Amtech’s Advanced Converting Scheduling is an automated and integrated plant planning system that utilizes intelligent algorithms for automated scheduling. It sorts order operations at machine centers assuring total balance and optimization of your operational workload, which simplifies day-to-day tasks of your scheduler, and ensures better performance.

PRODUCTION MONITORING – Manage & Motivate in Real-Time.

Amtech’s Production Monitoring Solution (ScoreKeeper) delivers real-time digital signage, built on the latest secure technology and equipment, with data analytics allowing managers to manage inside and outside the plant. Data points such as set-up times, run times, downtimes, shown on fresh digital signage helps to keep crews motivated. Live and historical timeline comparisons help management to stay ahead of problems and become proactive with production management.

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