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Apex International

By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022


The uptick in demand for corrugated box products spells opportunity for box manufacturers and printers. But with increased demand come competitive challenges to increase quality without raising costs. Reliability in box-making and printing are now equally as important as quality, given tight deadlines and profit margins. Quality and reliability are just what Apex delivers in its innovative, problem-solving glue sets and anilox rolls.

Glue Sets: Building Better Board

The two most common problems with glue sets on the market today are 1) Total Indicated Runout (TIR) & Outside Diameter (OD) imprecision; and, 2) Surface Fragility. Defects in TIR cause improper starch application, flashing, slinging, and even crashing. Fragility results in flaking of chrome-plating, scoring, and roll corrosion. These problems impact board quality, corrugator speed, and time/cost efficiency. With the Accora glue set product line, Apex has all but eliminated these two problems from modern board-making.

Mind the Gap: Precise Manufacturing

Box manufacturers know that the secret to flat board is the optimal application of starch (glue). The accuracy of the gap where this glue is applied to the applicator roll by the doctor/metering roll is of paramount importance. Too much starch can warp or washboard the final board; not enough starch can cause board delamination.

The Accora glue set is crafted from high-longevity materials appropriate to the harsh corrugator environment. Accora’s glue/applicator roll is made of double-clad welded stainless steel, and then hardened during engraving, thus providing a surface twice as hard as chrome glue rolls. The doctor roll is mirror-finished plasma-coated ceramic over a corrosion barrier, resistant to scoring and with superior hydrophobic surfacing. Glue set flaking and corrosion are eliminated.

Equally important is Accora’s precision: TIR and OD across the entire roll face is 0.0003 which will enable a consistent gap down to 0.007.

Accora’s one/two punch of precision and durability have enabled box-makers of all sizes to print flatter board at higher speeds, save money on starch and energy consumption, and enjoy longer glue set lifespans.

Anilox Rolls: Printing With Pride

GTT is the Apex’s patented flagship open-channel anilox engraving that enables box printers to print single-plate solids and screens, resolve finer screens, stronger solids, and sharper lines & reverses. What’s more, GTT cleans up faster & requires less-frequent deep cleaning.

The UltraCell anilox product line has perfected closed-cell engravings for corrugated and is offered in a variety of standard and custom engravings. Whether standard 60° hex, tri-helical, Channelox, or elongated, UltraCell’s high-density/low-porosity ceramic enables thorough ink release and ease of cleaning.

Apex International gets you on board with quality and reliability.


Joe Settanni

VP Sales