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Apex International

By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023


2022: A Year of Growth for Apex International

Apex International is a global leader and manufacturer of anilox rollers, metering, and print maintenance solutions for corrugated, narrow-web, wide-web, offset, coating, and embossing applications. With seven production facilities on four continents, a strong portfolio of clients in over 95 countries and a high-performance continuous improvement culture, Apex is dedicated to developing solutions that meet the needs and goals of today’s converters. As we look back on 2022, Apex International is proud to have expanded our team, product offerings, and partnerships, marking a year of tremendous company growth.

Apex Enters New Product Markets

Apex International is proud to be a new global manufacturer in the embossing industry. Through the strategic acquisition of Keller Dorian Graphics and Panhuizen Graveerindustrie BV, Apex now offers top-of-the-line embossing products on a global scale.

Apex will manufacture our next generation of rollers and sleeve transfer technologies for embossing applications found in the home, coating, auto, fashion, nonwovens, plastics, glass, tissue, metal, paper, and rotary screen embossing markets.

Apex Increases Global Locations

With the acquisition of Keller Dorian Graphics and Panhuizen Graveerindustrie BV in 2022, Apex International now manages 7 production facilities worldwide. The company will operate the Keller Dorian manufacturing facility located in France, as well as the Panhuizen Graveerindustrie BV production facility located in the Netherlands.

In August 2022, Apex North America broke ground on our new North American production facility, located in Fallowfield Township, PA. The new facility is more than twice the size of the existing Donora site and will sit on 12 acres of land, occupying over 58,500 square feet. The facility’s primary purpose is to expand and elevate the manufacturing and warehousing capabilities of Apex North America.

Apex Invests in New Partnerships

To further grow the support and brand presence of the company, in 2022, Apex International made the following investments in strategic sales and marketing partnerships:

Sales partnerships. Apex International has gained 2 new sales partners, expanding our global market reach and support. Print & Pack is our newest sales distributor of Apex products and services in Australia and New Zealand. We also welcome Printman as a new authorized distributor, exclusively serving the country of Romania.

OEM partnerships. In April 2022, Echaar Equipment showcased its first CI flexo printing press, The FLEXOMASTER HR-500, equipped with Apex GTT 2.0 anilox sleeves. “We believe that the time for flexo printing is started in India. We appreciate our partnership with Echaar Equipment and are proud to have our anilox roll technologies on press,” says Mangesh Bhise, Director of Sales and Marketing, Apex Asia Pacific Pvt. Ltd.

Marketing & industry partnerships. In 2022, Apex International became one of the first sponsor partners of the Flexo Xperience Center in Atlanta, GA. The new industry center is designed for visitors to experience, test, and create various solutions in a true flexo production environment. GTT 2.0 engravings and HD anilox sleeve technologies are on display for visitor interaction.

Apex Europe also recently confirmed a sponsorship deal has been made with the Dutch football club FC Eindhoven for the 2022/23 season. The sponsorship aims to further strengthen the company’s connection with the local community and increase awareness of our global career opportunities.

Apex Welcomes New Employees & Promotions

As part of our strategic growth initiatives, Apex International is proud to welcome the following employees and promotions in 2022.

  • Markus Franz joined Apex Europe as Technical Sales Manager for Germany
  • Mangesh Bhise was promoted to Director of Sales for Asia Pacific and Middle East
  • Dan Golway was welcomed to the Apex North American Technical Sales Team

2023: A Continued Vision for Growth

“With Vision: 2020s growth initiatives, Apex planned major investments into global facilities and capital equipment to address anticipated industry growth,” states Ruud van Cuijk, Managing Director of Apex North America. “It is exciting to witness all our team has accomplished this year, and we look forward to the impact it will have in our production efficiency, product quality, and customer experience.”

Farrah Nuzzo

Global Marketing Coordinator


Joe Settanni

VP Sales – North America