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Astral Adhesives & Coatings, Inc.

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021


A groundbreaking new product recently launched by Astral Adhesives & Coatings, Inc., gives the simple takeout container a much-needed high-tech upgrade and has the potential to eliminate plastic, PE laminated paperboard and Styrofoam.

Recyclable and durable, Astral’s two new multipurpose coatings are changing the way consumers bring home meals and essential food items. Specifically designed for takeout containers, AstralCoat 51 and AstralCoat 52 are FDA compliant for direct food contact and substantially minimize cracking at the fold line, which helps prevent leaks.

Due to safety concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are staying at home and purchasing meals and food to go, creating an increased demand for takeout containers. In response, restaurant owners and grocers asked for a food-grade product that is also environmentally friendly. AstralCoat 51 and AstralCoat 52 became the answer. These recyclable coatings applied to paperboard substrates help create an environmentally friendly take-out container that stands up to heavy use.


“These coatings are game-changers in many ways because they are addressing a market need for more environmentally friendly solutions,” said Vikas Singhal, president of Astral Adhesives & Coatings, Inc. “Our customers in retail and restaurants have been asking for a durable and recyclable product for a long time. Feedback from customers includes high marks for the products’ pliability, while offering excellent performance at the fold line. I think this is our future.”

Astral’s new industry-leading coatings can be applied at “bending chip” CRB mills or at offline coaters on any folding carton substrate such as SBS. They are also cold set glueable and printable. Some of the additional new offerings from Astral include a bakery-white coating, bake-in silicone release and an industry-leading, low-Cobb combination that will not block or scuff.

Astral is a leading supplier to the packaging industry, specializing in providing customized coatings for the paper and paperboard market. Astral’s principals have more than 50 years of experience in the coatings business and are committed to finding solutions to the most challenging projects. Innovative technologies in the paperboard industry and coating formulas come together to create a sustainable, superior product. The new product line is just one example of how Astral leads the way in the paperboard packaging industry.

The key to delivering what is needed at the right time is listening to clients, Singhal said.

“I think that’s what sets us apart; we are always changing and growing as a company, and these extraordinary times are calling us to be even more innovative,” he added. “By partnering with clients to deliver what they need, when they need it, we offer exemplary customer service that is personalized and efficient.”

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