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Astral Adhesives & Coatings, Inc.

January 23, 2024

Astral Introduces Innovative New Product

New Recyclable Coating Debuted in 2023, Changing the Folding Carton Market

New applications, new products, new ways to do business—2023 was a time of innovation for Astral Adhesives & Coatings, Inc. Responding to a recent slowdown in the corrugated and paperboard market, Astral took the time to diversify its business with particular attention on developing new products. Most notably, while targeting the folding carton market, one area where they saw promising success was with a completely new venture—heat seal applications.

“We finally have the technology
that allows us to offer barrier performance at the fold line,” said Vikas Singhal, president of Astral Adhesives & Coatings, Inc. “That was not
available to us previously. We developed new products that are on track to fully replace plastic laminated paperboard in the near future. We are so pleased by the performance. This technology is a breakthrough—the first of its kind.”

Astral’s multipurpose coating line already features curbside recyclable and durable products, making a big difference in the way consumers bring home meals and essential food items. But the new high-performing product for the folding carton coating market that can be applied at a CRB mill level has generated praise from clients, with most saying how happy they are that this product will keep packages out of the landfill. In short, this new technology is a game changer.

“Environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging is the whole reason we exist,” Singhal added. “By taking time this year to refocus on our core mission, we were able to run trials with new heat seal applications that are completely recyclable and perform extremely well.”

A longtime industry leader, Astral’s principal staff members have more than 50 years of combined experience in the coatings business and look forward to finding solutions to the most challenging projects. And while pursuing groundbreaking technology in the paperboard/coating industry is important, so is collaborating with clients who guide product development and contribute to the success of each innovation.

“Working with our customers on product development—the trial and error involved in each step—this kind of attention to detail is what it takes to get coatings up to the expected performance level,” Singhal said. “Listening to our customers and working as a team is very rewarding and leads to exciting new products and breakthroughs. We are looking forward to many new advancements in 2024.”

Vikas Singhal