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Athena SWC

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021





Since the pandemic hit, most packaging manufacturers are rethinking their strategies around traditional selling and marketing. Our customers tell us that traditional face-to-face networking with customers and building new business has been non-existent or highly limited for their sales departments.


Today, when it comes to building pipelines and supporting new account development efforts, we are seeing a big trend in diverting investments from those traditional sales resources to new virtual methods. The challenge with these virtual programs is measuring ROI and effectiveness.


Athena provides a best practice process for both inbound and outbound marketing activities that is focused on the front end of the sales cycle. As a Certified Thomas Agency, we provide a unique blend of inbound and outbound sales and marketing strategies, including the people, processes, and tools to support all your front-end sales needs. These marketing strategies are designed to generate highly qualified sales-ready leads that meet your company’s specific growth requirements, whether based on industry, geography, potential revenue, or other criteria. Pricing is based on a simple monthly fee and designed based on your specific sales goals over 12 to 18 months. Customers can terminate the program (with or without cause) with a 60-day written notice.

Athena’s virtual new business development process model has helped packaging manufacturers fill their sales pipelines with a consistent flow of sales-ready qualified leads. The process provides for compressed sales cycles, increased sales rep productivity, and of course, an increased flow of new business opportunities. With our process, you can clearly quantify and link your marketing investments to improvements in both sales productivity and increased sales revenue.

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Managing Director & CEO