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JHF Capital, LLC

January 23, 2024

Employee Retention Tax Credit Expert and Alternative Financing Specialist

JHF Capital was founded by John Forrey, formerly the President of Specialty Industries and a member of the AICC Executive Board as recently as 2018. Subsequent to the sale of Specialty, John was not ready to retire and decided to utilize his strong financial background to start his own company. Prior to entering the packaging world in the early 1990s, John was a practicing CPA.

Recently, John was recognized as the national Broker of the Year recipient at the National Alliance of Commercial Loan Brokers (NACLB) award ceremony in Las Vegas.

Currently, as it relates to the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC) program, John works exclusively with a national CPA firm which specializes in qualifying businesses for the stimulus monies. Many AICC members have already qualified for the ERC monies with this CPA firm via an introduction by JHF Capital. To date, this CPA firm has processed over 20,000 submittals with only a handful of audits, all of whom were determined to be 100% clean.

Separately, JHF Capital brands itself as an alternative funding/financing specialist for small and mid-size businesses to traditional bank lending institutions.

Types of funding options provided by JHF Capital include Accounts Receivable and Asset Based Lines of Credit, Equipment Leasing, Inventory Financing, Unsecured Business Lines of Credit, SBA Loans, Commercial Real Estate Financing, Purchase Order Financing, and Large Project Financing.

I look forward to connecting with old friends and colleagues of the AICC. Please contact me to discuss ERC eligibility and/or commercial financing needs.

Please feel free to contact me for help or advice when having any challenges with your primary bank lending institution.

John Forrey