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By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022

According to eMarketer, ecommerce in 2021 was expected to grow at 17.9%, on top of an unparalleled growth of 32.4% in 2020. As ecommerce grows, so does the demand for ecommerce boxes to showcase print on the inside and outside of the box to capture the “unboxing” experience for the consumer. Printing on the inside and outside of the box in one pass does present some unique challenges such as:

  • Color consistency, particularly if inside and outside of package are different substrates
  • Scuff and rub resistance, as the print transitions from inside to outside print
  • Specialized coating requirements, needed to enhance and/or protect the package

BCM Inks products, expertise, and exclusive software (Color ConneXion® and MyInkIQ) provide a total solution so printers can maximize the ability to print on the inside and outside of the box efficiently and effectively.

In 2016, BCM introduced a revolutionary online color management software, Color ConneXion®. Color ConneXion® is updated and enhanced on a regular basis with new features through over-the-air software updates. Today, we are proud to introduce the most recent version of Color ConneXion® which includes some of the following unique features:

  • Designed specifically for the corrugated market
  • Remote color approvals
  • User friendly
  • Unlimited seat licenses
  • Remote access
  • Information is backed up safely and securely to the cloud
  • Ability to pair with multiple spectrophotometers
  • Job building functionality based off press and anilox roll configurations
  • Ability to store pH, viscosity, and dryer settings for future reference and better repeatability
  • Individual and job reporting functionality
  • Historical reporting functionality
  • Suggestive color correction
  • Enhanced communication within the departments


Printers have recognized a reduction in waste, reduced downtime, faster set-ups, and more consistent color after implementing Color ConneXion® software.

BCM’s other exclusive software, MyInkIQ, allows users to easily submit orders and color matches online. Once the order or color match is submitted, the user receives updates throughout the process until delivery. The MyInkIQ also provides easy access to the color/formula library to eliminate color/formula duplication. Users have the ability to run sales and VOC reports and view order history, amongst many other features.

To learn more about our ecommerce printing solutions, our software solutions, or our many ink innovations, contact BCM Inks at 800-678-6238 or