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By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023

Eekoflex II — A New Improved Formula for Sustainable Print Success


BCM Inks has always believed that you can make a good product better. The desire to improve BCM’s eco-friendly inks and varnishes to be even more environmentally compliant has resulted in Eekoflex II.

BCM’s Eekoflex II inks and varnishes provide outstanding environmental solutions for customers seeking a more sustainable printed option. These inks and varnishes are specifically formulated for the direct print corrugated market.

Eekoflex II inks and varnishes are different from most other ink companies’ sustainable products.

BCM’s water-based Eekoflex II inks and varnishes are made from paper residue along with other unique components. They contain no heavy metals, have little to no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and are packaged in reground plastic buckets, reused 55-gallon drums, or returnable totes. They are also Swiss Ordinance Compliant. This means BCM Inks is using approved, environmentally correct raw materials to produce the Eekoflex II inks and varnishes.

BCM Inks’ Eekoflex II inks and varnishes offer additional benefits. They provide improved lay down/print coverage/press speeds and reduced drier usage. They also help the environment through a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. (Audited/verified third-party sustainability documentation is available upon request at

Robert Callif, BCM Inks’ President, states, “Eekoflex II inks and varnishes illustrate BCM’s commitment to a sustainable future. We have an obligation to ensure our customers print their corrugated packages and displays with the most eco-friendly inks and varnishes in the market today and tomorrow.”

Besides Eekoflex II inks and varnishes, BCM has inks and varnishes for every corrugated need.

The Superflex III inks and varnishes are developed to print high-end graphics with ultrafine anilox roll volumes. The transparency levels of Superflex III inks produce the largest color gamut on the market.

For presses running at 20,000 sheets/hour or faster, BCM’s Twentykflex inks are the solution. Twentykflex inks are high efficiency inks with the added benefit of excellent rub resistance.

Single pass digital presses can also be served with one of BCM’s approved primer and OPV offerings.

To learn more about the Eekoflex II inks and varnishes, or our many other product and software innovations, contact BCM Inks at or 1-800-678-6238. You can also learn more on our website at or follow us on LinkedIn at