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By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023


Still Innovating, Still Growing

With a history spanning nearly seven decades, CoparSolutions remains the global leader in wet-end corrugator control systems. Building on their reputation of providing robust user-friendly controls and comprehensive customer support, CoparSolutions continues to expand their range of innovative, state-of-the-art products and customer-focused services to meet the current and future needs of corrugator and converting operations around the world.

CoparSolutions’ products are utilized by plant operators worldwide and are offered as standard or with several optional features by many OEMs. CoparSolutions systems are found on most of the industry’s top performing corrugators and on many litho-laminators. With an installation base of over 5,000 units worldwide, CoparSolutions’ reach and range continue to exhibit a substantial rate of growth.

Quality Master™, Corrugator Process Control

Quality Master™ Process Control, CoparSolutions’ cornerstone product, helps corrugator operations consistently produce stronger, flatter board with superior printing surfaces. Working from target goal temperatures, the Quality Master™ system constantly monitors key parameters and automatically adjusts settings to maintain the temperature and pressure goals throughout the order. Quality Master™ also continually monitors and adjusts the glue gaps to ensure the optimum amount of glue is applied regardless of machine speed. Quality Master™ operates like an autopilot for the corrugator, requiring minimal operator intervention and freeing the operator to tend to other critical tasks, while ensuring that exceptional product is produced.


The Quality Master™ Controls system is just one of CoparSolutions’ wide and growing range of innovative quality and productivity enhancing products which include Sync Master™ Synchronized Splice Control for automatic synchronized splicing, Warp Wacker™ automatic warp correcting closed loop process control, Segmented Water Sprayer™ for precise moisture and warp control, Thermal Imaging Process Control™ Production Displays for corrugator and finishing applications, and much more.

CoparSolutions Parts

CoparSolutions maintains a comprehensive inventory of parts for all Copar products. The Illinois warehouse has over 500,000 parts in stock and ready for immediate delivery to customer locations. CoparSolutions’ Repair or Remanufactured programs offer a cost-effective option to replacing worn or broken parts with quality OEM 2-year guaranteed remanufactured components.

CoparCares Service Programs

To maximize productivity and quality, you need to maintain optimum performance of your equipment. CoparCares offers a cost-effective solution to ensure your systems stay in top operating condition. CoparSolutions already offers the lowest service rates in the industry, but with CoparCares service programs, plants can take advantage of greater value with additional add-on services and significant support and service discounts.

And We’re Still Innovating, Still Growing

CoparSolutions understands that offering new, innovative systems and services is as important to the growth and success of their customers’ businesses as it is to their own. That’s why CoparSolutions remains dedicated to their investment in R&D, new technologies, and services that enhance the value they create for their customers.

The addition of CoparElectric is one of our more recent added-value services. CoparElectric provides the installation and service for all the problem-solving solutions offered by CoparSolutions. Being a core part of their business creates an integral connection between engineering, installation, and their customers, and a speed of resolution that doesn’t exist with third-party contractors.

CoparElectric also offers plant maintenance and service options for non-CoparSolutions products and is the installation specialists of choice of major OEMs.

To learn more about CoparSolutions’ products, services, and leading-edge technology, visit or call 708-496-1859.

Jim Burrows