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Corrugated Chemicals, Inc.

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=207Since opening our doors, we spent over 40 years committed to improving the corrugated industry – growing from a regional manufacturer to a global supplier of specialty products.


Our growth has been fueled by the ever-evolving needs of our clients while focusing on the bottom line. No matter your situation, we have a solution for you!

One of Corrugated Chemicals’ newest chemistries – MLS™ Series – helps your starch adhesive perform in overdrive so you can run at “Maximum Line Speed.” Use with any starch formula, even low solids, to allow for a quick tack for heavyweight and lightweight board grades. We recommend using this product if you are experiencing green bond, edge delam, slitter damage, or other bonding . As a Corrugated Chemicals Premium Liquid Bond Enhancer, this product has proven to run both lightweight and heavyweight grades at O.E.M. rated lined speeds. Consider using this product if you are not getting the asset utilization you require on your corrugator.


  • Improves run speeds on heavyweight combinations
  • Aggressive bond will typically allow for lower gap settings
  • Typically provides a firmer sheet off the machine
  • Works with light to heavyweight SW, DW and TW
  • Addition to starch can be automated
  • No change to gel or viscosity
  • Reduces loose edge problems
  • No adverse reaction with resin

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I have been involved in the corrugated industry for over 32 years in a sales/sales management position. Started career with Keytech/Vinings Industries selling into corrugated plants and paper mills. Vinings Industries grew from a 20 million dollar company to over 200 million dollars in sales. I took a position and part ownership of CGT Corporation start up chemical company. In 2005 sold the company and accepted a position with Corrugated Chemicals. With the vision of Tod Sistrunk, we have grown CCI from a regional specialty chemical company to a global supplier exclusively for the corrugated industry.

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Business Manager