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By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=1000The SPC 130 is based on the latest generation of single-pass printing systems that Durst has successfully developed for markets including ceramics and narrow web.

Durst has been continuously developing single-pass technology since 2005 and has a broad installation base with over 700 single pass printing systems around the world. In April of 2019, Durst took development one step further, signing a joint venture agreement with Koenig & Bauer. The combined key technologies and market expertise of Koenig & Bauer Durst creates the new generation of print press: The SPC 130.

With the SPC 130, Durst has adapted single-pass technology to the corrugated board industry. The SPC 130 combines a well-engineered mechanical design with easily accessible sub-assemblies and selected components to guarantee durable quality, high performance and reliability. It is a printing system that offers unrivaled versatility, low maintenance requirements and 24/7 reliability.

Durst Water Technology inks are an integral part of the long-term Durst strategy of offering sustainable, digital printing systems as an alternative to conventional printing systems for the packaging and display sector. Entirely

in synchrony with the requirements of the corrugated cardboard and solid cardboard industry, these are eco-friendly, marking-free, water-based, organic-pigmented and monomer-free ink systems. They represent the next technological milestone in water-based ink systems, as they allow high-quality, odor-free, indelible, glossy and

non-fading end products to be produced in a single process.

The SPC 130 meets the stringent requirements for food safe primary packaging utilizing our proprietary water-based ink technology and is designed with core technologies to provide automated, productive, food safe printing systems.

The SPC 130 includes options for expanded gamut printing with Orange and Violet, an inline quality inspection system, inline priming for uncoated board and unrivaled productivity with options for non-stop automated feeding and stacking. The SPC 130 is an all in one solution for high speed, high quality corrugated board printing.

The packaging industry is looking for new, more efficient production opportunities that do not compromise quality. The SPC 130 provides shorter response times, more variants, shorter run lengths, and also answers the increasing customer demand for brand security and sustainability. The Koenig & Bauer Durst partnership delivers the necessary digital solutions, from Pixel to Output.

Steve Lynn

Director and GM, New Markets