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January 23, 2024

Empowering Customers in the Packaging Industry: Elitron’s Cutting-Edge Technology Takes Finishing to the Next Level

The large-format digital print market is set for continued growth in 2024 and beyond, with notable increases expected in packaging applications for corrugated, cardboard, and other flexible materials, too.

In this scenario Elitron is leading the way from a finishing perspective. Elitron’s Kombo TAV-R, the fully automatic cutting system first launched in 2012, has today evolved into the most advanced, unique system that is able to offer packaging and display customers nonstop productivity with the underside camera system to center the cutting file with the print, the dual cutting heads, the unique Airo Panel unloading system, and the option of roll-in, roll-out automatic pallet management for enhanced 24/7 production.

In addition, Elitron has a vast range of different sized automatic fixed and conveyor multi-tool cutting systems that offer many unique and often patented optional features, which offer greater flexibility and increase productivity.

Just this year alone, Elitron has launched two new systems for automatic feeding and unloading/stacking.

Elitron’s stand-alone cutting systems, both for sampling and production, can now be equipped with the latest automatic Elitron Feeding System (EFS), and unloading Elitron Stacker System (ESS). They can also incorporate the patented Seeker System underside camera for automatic reference point identification, image recognition, and immediate cutting, without any operator intervention.

It’s also possible to opt for different gantry heights, to cut materials up to 4.7 inches thick, to have even greater flexibility.

In addition, Elitron has a new, optional PMH, Protective Material Handling system that ensures printed sheets are handled and loaded with the utmost care to avoid any damage and scratching of printed boards when they are being loaded.

The tooling can certainly be customized to meet the individual customer requirements and their type of jobs. As and when different tooling is required, for new jobs or different materials this can be added to the multi-tool cutting head.

Elitron offers a full range of tools, including fixed and oscillating knives, milling modules, creasing wheel kits, kiss cutting, V-Cut options, including the patented DL45 for V-cutting in just one pass, cut and crease, circular knife, pen module and laser pointer.

Elitron’s automatic sheet turner, Reversa, is a stand-alone or integrated system that turns printed sheets so that these can be cut and creased with the print side facing downward.

Two of Elitron’s most popular options are:

    • The Stressless Working Technology for immediate cutting: Digital dies are projected onto the material/s using a powerful video projection system and then cut immediately without any lengthy setup. This is ideal for instant sampling (prototypes) and to use up otherwise waste material/s.
    • The Underside and Topside Camera System: Elitron’s patented Seeker System reads printed reference marks and printed images, loads, and aligns the relative cutting file/s, all in just one click!

Elitron’s innovative and highly technological cutting systems are unique in that they all have a powerful, highly sectorized vacuum working area.

This vacuum system guarantees that all sheet and roll materials are firmly held in place during cutting and milling to produce the best quality finish for all materials.

Divided into individual sectors, fully managed by the software, the vacuum power is only activated and concentrated where the cutting head is working.

Looking to reduce energy consumption both internally and for our customers, from 2023 all Elitron systems now come with the NEW EPMS, Elitron Power Management System that maximized the vacuum power for maximum material hold, while reducing theenergy consumption by up to 50%.

Interested to find out more, and totake your finishing to the next level?

Visit and email to arrange a meeting with the Elitron America team.

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