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Episode 13: Anything is Possible

March 6, 2023

In this episode, we talk with Kim Nelson, President & CEO of Royal Containers. Rather than pursuing a career in law as she had planned, Nelson returned home when her father, the founder of Royal Containers called. It was supposed to be temporary, but she turned it into her career and found her passion in trying to build and grow what her father had created. Founder Ross Nelson, after a rough start causing the family to lose everything, built Royal into a strong company. Several years after the next generation came into the business a decision had to be made about the company’s direction. Kim Nelson looked at the company as a business, and if it were run as a successful business could benefit the family. Her father agreed and knew the company had to grow, but others in the family thought differently. Kim honestly shares the challenges her family faced during this transition.

About Kim Nelson President & CEO Royal Containers

Since joining Royal Containers in 1992, Kim Nelson has been on a journey dedicated to the company’s long-term success. After the transfer of management from founder Ross Nelson to the next generation in 2009, Kim has been able to lean, not only an extensive understanding of sales, service and production in corrugated packaging but also a Bachelor of Business Administration (Honors) degree earned from Brock University. Since taking on the role of President & CEO, Kim has led the future of Royal Containers in part by becoming positioned as Chairman of the Board and shareholder at Tencorr Packaging and Greenpac Mill. She also led the acquisition of C & B Display Packaging in 2019. Kim’s service as President of The Independent Packaging Association (AICC) Canada and Chairman of AICC International is formally recognized in a 2018 induction into AICC’s Industry Hall of Fame.  She is currently the Overseas Director and Business Advisor with the association Kim leads by example as an international Triathlon competitor and CrossFit Games athlete. Her teammates call her audacious and authentic, but Kim credits planning and training for her placement on leaderboards and as a 19-time Ironman finisher. Kim chooses to live, work, play and raise her family not far from where she herself grew up, north of Toronto. As a mother of three, her family brings Kim her greatest happiness.

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