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Executive Strategies: Incorporation of Hazmat Regulations for Box Fabricators

July 5, 2022

Customer requests for “HAZMAT” items can be a significant source of revenue enhancement for box fabricators. Through customer retention, full line service needs, single sourcing strategies, and increased margin for this service; meeting these customer needs can be a significant revenue source and represent value for customers. These can be good business opportunities, often securing large or high-margin accounts, but the Hazardous Materials Regulations [HMR] are complex and tangential to your core business expertise and focus. While most box companies that work in the Hazmat area often have a staff member trained in the specifics of the HMR; a higher-level overview of the structure of the HMR as it relates to larger company policies and business strategies can help executive management reduce liability, implement process controls, and supply structure for a successful program. This webinar is intended to outline the structure of the HMR with respect to management responsibility in the evaluation and control of regulatory and other risks in the context of capturing revenue associated with performing work on behalf of Hazmat customers.

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