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By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023


See your business in full color with GMG

Color management is the foundation of every brand. Without it, some of the most iconic brand identities in the world simply wouldn’t exist.

The human eye is packed with almost 100 million photoreceptors, and it’s incredibly sensitive to even slight inconsistencies in color. If a brand’s color isn’t precisely replicated across every substrate and material, it’s incredibly off-putting. From printing to packaging, converting to marketing, all of it relies on perfectly precise color management. And there’s no one with more expertise in color management than GMG Color.

GMG is a leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions. Our customers span a wide range of industries and application areas including advertising agencies, prepress houses, large-format printers, offset, flexo, packaging, and digital, as well as gravure printers.

GMG is focused on solutions that provide tools and automation enabling the best use of color for production printing. With GMG software, production color is easy, accurate, and reliable—and our solutions work with your existing workflow.

GMG was founded in 1984 in Germany; we have over 150 employees with subsidiaries in the US, UK, Japan, and China. GMG is the leading supplier of high-end color management and proofing solutions. This means GMG software reproduces each hue exactly as desired for printed products like advertisements, signage, publications, or packaging.

From those humble beginnings in 1984, innovation has been in GMG’s DNA. The company continues to set the standard with comprehensive solutions, software, and know-how in all printing processes. What defines GMG is a passion for delivering precise and predictable color results.

What makes GMG unique beyond products and solutions? Perhaps, it’s the trust and responsibility that comes with a family business. Or the endeavor to always give well-considered answers to complex questions. One thing is clear; it requires people with an open mind, firm action, and a commitment to innovation. This is what our customers value, and it’s what sets GMG apart.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in our work with Dusobox, a Florida-based corrugated display and packaging specialist. Dusobox ran its HP HDR presses on different workflow systems to its other machines. This created many operational problems for many jobs, with color consistency between runs chief among them.

The solution to these problems had to reduce operational waste and costs by controlling and reducing ink consumption. That meant the solution had to come from GMG. Our SmartProfiler—part of the ColorServer Smart Profiling Package—brought Dusobox’s color under tighter control, creating significant cost savings on every run. GMG MX proof profiles keep color consistency razor-sharp, even when dealing with out-of-gamut colors.

Roland Greene, Color Consultant at Dusobox, is effusive in his praise for GMG’s proprietary technology. “The advantages are obvious with GMG,” he said. “It’s unbelievably quick—one of the quickest rips I’ve seen—and be assured, I’ve just about seen them all.

“It also saves us 15–20% in ink on average. The efficiency and profitability gains are significant. But it’s the way it creates separations—that’s the difference! There’s no degradation of the image on separation so quality is assured. And for those who need it, the tech support is stellar, and the technology is easy to use.”

It’s an example of how a user that has experienced GMG’s color profiles can never go back to ICC profiles. While GMG MX is compatible with ICC profiles for inputs, it is fundamentally better in terms of output control. It also enables RGB, CMYK, or mixed image data to be automatically converted into one output color space, making it a consistently precise and efficient color management solution.

Improved color accuracy and lower ink consumption are significant advantages, but the benefits of GMG technology don’t end there. GMG systems are breathtakingly simple to implement, with seamless integration into any existing workflow and an intuitive UI.

This results in lower labor and training requirements, guarding your business against labor shortages that are currently constraining the print industry.

Whether you work in print, labelling, or packaging, you haven’t unlocked your business’s full potential until you’ve used GMG solutions.