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H.B. Fuller

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=376width=333In support of the circular economy movement, H.B. Fuller is enabling customers to improve their products and processes through solutions that help achieve their sustainability goals.


  • Lower basis weight and transportation cost by utilizing H.B. Fuller packaging reinforcement solutions—ideal for e-commerce demanding supply chain journeys.
  • Decrease plastic stretch wrap usage during the palletization process. H.B. Fuller palletization adhesives stabilize pallets to prevent product damage, rework or employee injury during shipping and in-store merchandising. Our multipack bundling solutions for aluminum cans, PET bottles and liquid cartons replace stretch wrap and plastic ring carriers.
  • Use less energy, improve efficiency, and increase operator safety with low application temperature hot melt adhesives.


  • Extend the life of corrugated boxes with H.B. Fuller Sesame® String score line reinforcement to support retripping and reuse applications. Plus, H.B. Fuller Open-Sesame® tape technology supports frustration-free packaging box designs — two functions in one sustainable package.
  • H.B. Fuller Advantra® advanced-performance, and low-application-temperature hot melts extend the life of adhesive dispensing equipment. Plus, the adhesives dry clear to preserve packaging aesthetics.


  • H.B. Fuller supports closed loop recycling initiatives. Corrugated boxes that contain H.B. Fuller Sesame products and case and carton sealing adhesives are recyclable. H.B. Fuller tapes and adhesives are separated out during the Old Corrugated Container (OCC) re-pulping process, which allows the paper fiber to be fully recycled.


  • H.B. Fuller supports easy returnable packaging design with our Close-Sesame™ system.


During a time when competing adhesive manufacturers are pulling away from supporting the packaging industry, H.B. Fuller is investing in new innovations and support services specifically for packaging makers—helping businesses succeed in e-commerce and other growing market sectors. With fiscal 2019 net revenue close to $3 billion, H.B. Fuller is a leading global adhesives provider. Visit to learn more.

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