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Helping You Build Your Dynasty

By Jay Carman

March 12, 2020

width=196It’s strange how, as I write these words, the college football season ended less than a week ago, and the college basketball regular season will be complete by the time you read this. That means that we are already well into the second half of AICC’s fiscal year.

AICC operates on a Destination Model and has successfully done so for the last several years. The board of directors defines what success looks like for AICC by identifying high-level goals and initiatives. AICC’s standing committees and staff take the board’s vision and create an action plan in the form of the Destination Model.

In January, AICC convened its Winter Board Meeting. This is the opportunity for your board of directors to evaluate the year-to-date progress of the current Destination Model and to make changes if necessary. Additionally, the board outlines the vision for the 2021 Destination Model, which will commence in July.

As of the end of calendar year 2019, AICC is in great shape financially and in terms of programs. We have a few areas of challenge that are receiving focus for improvement, and we will share results with you as plans take hold. We also completed the outline of the vision for the 2021 Destination Model. There are some really exciting things on the horizon for this industry, and the work done at the meeting is going to put you and AICC out in front of them. As such, AICC will continue to be an indispensable partner in the success of its members.

width=127It has been truly gratifying for me to work with the board for the past several years. The knowledge and passion have always been high. Working with your peers on shaping the direction of the Association is a wonderful experience. The ideas, the camaraderie, and the respect in the room are really something to behold. These are men and women taking time away from their businesses to work for you! They do a great job.

Some of their good work shows up in the growth rate of AICC general member companies, which has outperformed the overall industry for several years.

Some companies, like some of the perennially successful college football and basketball teams, are built in such a way that they win year in and year out. AICC makes you a dynasty.




Jay Carman

President, StandFast Packaging Group

Chair, AICC