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ICPF Launches New Website Design at

By Caitlin Salaverria

May 17, 2024

The International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) is excited to announce the launch of
a brand-new, user-friendly website at The
website has been redesigned to better highlight ICPF’s mission, impact, and programs, while offering easy access to key employer workforce solutions and resources that connect educators and job seekers with career opportunities across this dynamic, high-tech industry.

The new website serves as a comprehensive resource hub tailored to the foundation’s many stakeholders. Key features include:

  • Resources for Career Seekers: Learn more about the culture of the industry, find your unique career path in corrugated through a jobs quiz, apply for industry openings and internships on ICPF’s career portal, and more.
  • Employer Workforce Solutions: Discover innovative solutions at the local, state, and national levels designed to address workforce shortages while strengthening employee recruitment and retention strategies.
  • Educational Outreach Efforts: Stay informed about ICPF programs and resources that build connections with college or university, trade or vocational school, and high school educators to increase student exposure to the industry.
  • How to Get Involved: Find opportunities to actively engage and contribute to growing the labor force of the corrugated packaging industry through annual fundraising events, donations, and a partnership with ICPF.

“ICPF is proud to announce the launch of this modernized, dynamic resource to increase connectivity amongst our stakeholders, while also providing a trusted landing site to educate younger generations on career opportunities within the corrugated packaging industry,” says ICPF President Caitlin Salaverria. “We’re looking forward to leveraging this resource in our work to grow the industry’s workforce by increasing awareness of the many benefits from choosing a career in the corrugated packaging industry.”

As the demand for sustainable, renewable packaging continues to rise, so do the career opportunities within the corrugated packaging industry. The new is committed to empowering individuals to find rewarding jobs and lifelong careers in this vital industry.

ICPF Premieres New Industry Career Highlight Video

The International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) is excited to premiere a new corrugated packaging industry career highlight and recruitment video titled “Consider a Future in Corrugated Packaging.” The video encourages youth to consider a career in the corrugated packaging industry, highlighting the many benefits of choosing a #CareerInCorrugated.

Viewers are told the corrugated boxes they see all around them may be the key to their future. Many industry benefits, including job stability, opportunities for advancement, a commitment to sustainability, and a focus on innovation, are highlighted while showcasing the important role boxes play in our everyday lives. The video illustrates the sense of pride that comes from making essential products used across the world. ICPF hopes students of all ages see a reflection of themselves in the video and the potential that exists for rewarding jobs and lifelong careers in the corrugated packaging industry.

“Consider a Future in Corrugated Packaging” can be used by corporate partners in industry outreach efforts to help attract talented and skilled employees to positions on the plant floor and front office.

This video is the latest in ICPF’s efforts to grow the labor force of the corrugated packaging industry now and into the future. Watch the video at or by scanning the QR code on this page. It will also be used in organic and paid advertising efforts across ICPF’s social media channels this spring.

Caitlin Salaverria is president of ICPF.

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